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The third myth about trading is that you will benefit by paying a trading service and following their trading selections. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! You must understand that trading is a solitary endeavor. You are trading against other traders. If you were a boxer, would you discuss your next punch with your opponent? Of course not! When I day-trade stocks, I often buy a thousand shares of a stock for a trade.

If just one other trader is trying to make the same trade, it could push up the price of the stock I’m trading. On a thousand shares, a difference of 0.01 in price means that I must pay an extra 10.00 for the stock. A difference of 0.10 means I have to pay an extra 100.00 for the stock. If I tried to make the exact same trade, at the same time, as say 100 other traders it could cost me thousands of dollars a week in missed trades and bad fills.

If you don’t think that the same thing can happen in a huge market, like the forex market, think again. The forex market is segmented by broker, and any forex trader will tell you that bad fills can be a problem. Trading services and trading chat rooms are filled with “wanna-be’s.” When you purchase DecisionBar Trading Software, you become a real trader. Stay away from the wanna-be’s.

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