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Okay, in the case you haven’t noticed, Forex BulletProof would be the biggest forex software to be released in 2010. Perhaps in the next few days your mailbox will be flooded with emails promoting it from different marketers who don’t even have any single idea how FBF really works.

The reason Forex Bullet Proof could create such a huge buzz is because it’s another development by the number #1 forex software developer team in the world, the FAPTurbo team. More than 70,000 users around the world are using their systems, so you know they are the real deal, UP TO NOW.

Ok, the question is… does their new development Forex Bullet Proof work as what they claim?

Here’s what I must share with you. I must highlight with you TWO SERIOUS ISSUES OF Forex BulletProof:

******* Issue #1:
Forex BulletProof uses scalping strategies. So although it has advanced built-in strategies to minimize risk (aiming at a steady 5% monthly gain), it’s still exposed to some risks or inactivity during some specific market conditions.

Therefore, you must change some of its parameter settings in order to maximize its profit potential when the market condition changes. In the case you don’t remember, FAPTurbo is the best forex EA so far and it’s also a scalper. You can’t make it work to the fullest if you don’t understand some of its parameters.

******* Issue #2:
You might need to go through 2 upsells when you buy Forex Bullet Proof. One is the High Voltage ADD-ON which is a HIGH RISK / HIGH REWARD trading robot. It trades more frequently but I strongly advise you not to buy this add-on if you have no experience in forex trading.

Okay, now that I’ve explained to you the issues of Forex BulletProof, AND…

You see, I still strongly recommend Forex BulletProof to everyone. Why?

1. It made profits consistently. Just the same like FAPTurbo, it has been trading on many live accounts before. FAPTurbo team did a good job and they will show you their live accounts on their websites in the next few days.

2. It’s SAFE. It aims for small but stable income, 5% per month.

3. It comes with a comprehensive guide, video and training. Its member area has a dedicated forum, live support, phone support etc…

If you’ve used FAPTurbo before, you’ve known that they have world-class service. So my conclusion is: Forex BulletProof is very a good system for you, if you want to have consistent profits on autopilot. Forex BulletProof will be officially released to the public on August 31.