Communication is believed by many business experts to be the key to success. Indeed, the definition of a team is a group of people working together to reach a common target, not a collection of orphaned people just getting on with their single tasks. However, some companies still really struggle to maintain good internal communication within their company and it seriously stunts their growth. Here are 3 of the main reasons why you want your staff talking to each other.

Better Productivity. Time and time again it has been seen that the most productive teams are those that communicate efficiently and often. This is specifically due to the fact no single member of staff can own all the skills need to make a well rounded team and instead lots of people each have their own skill sets. In order for a business to be robust, everyone must share their skills and help each other out when needed. Team building days are a perfect example of this, where the teams who use each other’s strongest abilities perform best.

Less Destructive Office Politics. There will always be a certain amount of office politics in all business environments. It is naive to believe that everyone can get on all the time, but a lack of proper communication leads to issues getting out of hand and causing more harm than they should. If members of a team communicate their issues and contentions in a professional and honest manner, it helps all involved achieve a greater understanding of what the core hurdles are and how best they can be overcome. Additionally, this limits the chances of the same issue causing problems in future as it can be dealt with swiftly when it appears.

More Content Staff.There are still companies around who do not like their staff talking amongst themselves.The best productivity will not come from these businesses however, as communication is a necessary for healthy humans as eating. When you work for a greater amount of time than you have for leisure, it is vitally important that you engage in fluid conversation with colleges and even superiors.

For companies suffering from weak communications, corporate events or team building days ,for example, corporate cookery days are a perfect way to get team members bonding and chatting to each other.