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[8:31]-David W: I got 75 pips!
[8:31]-Ed H:79 pips in demo 1st time. Great stuff Dustin thank you!!!
[8:31]-Bob G (FREE PACKAGE WINNER): I got +80!
[8:31]-Marion B: 47 pips on 1st half and 67 pips on 2nd half… I believe now!
[8:32]-Richard D: 62 pips!
[8:32]-Scott R: 75 pips
[8:32]-John L: 67pips
[8:32]-Keith J: 87 pips
[8:32]-Padraig F: 62 pips!
[8:32]-Michaela A: 72 to 82 pips on multiple accounts!
[8:33]-Tim H: 56 pips!
[8:33]-Keith J:my first actual trade – felt good
[8:33]-Philip D: I went solely on audio and triggered a small ‘profit’… just trying out – first time
[8:35]-Louis P.H. 99 & 86 pips!
[8:37]-Michael P: 87 pips – great finish to a slow week!
[8:37]-Barry B: took 100 pips on a very small trade
[8:37]-Michael K: in at 111.80 (market spiked 75 pips down in 10 seconds!)
[8:38]-David L: this is great… 100 pips!
[8:40]-Tariq S: closed all at +30
[8:41]-Keith N: 96 pips with safe, 90 medium trigger

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