First of all lets start with this note. In the U.S, FHTM is maketing for General Electric and Dupont, do you not think that these huge North American Companies have had their lawyers check and recheck FHTM before signing a contract with them? I’m pretty convinced they did, and I would trust this as proof, long before some negative opion from Uncle Bob, who signed up and drank beer and waited for something to happin, which of coarse didn’t. FHTM Canada, scam or not? There are so many people wondering this right across Canada. They want to know if what they have heard from friends or family about FHTM Canada is true. Does FHTM work or is FHTM a Scam? That’s what we will explain.Fortune High Tec Marketing

FHTM Canada is a company that has come into Canada from the USA. It started in Canada about 4 years ago and it is still growing strong. But there are 4 reasons why people seem to think that it is a scam so let’s go over all of them.

ONE – FHTM Canada is a network marketing company. This right here put’s it into a category where people think that it might be a scam. Millions of people all over the world have been scammed by people that have presented themselves as if they were a network marketing company.

The biggest thing that proves that FHTM Canada is not one of these scams is they have been in business for over 4 years in Canada and over 9 years in the USA. Most of these scams that happen to people have not been things that have been around for almost a decade. The governments of both Canada and USA would have heard about them by now and would have shot them down.

TWO – The products are not products that are physical in nature. This right here get’s people on edge because when they cannot physically see something they tend to not believe it as much. The products that FHTM Canada market are products that are mostly service based. For an example, a telephone service is one of their products. That a pretty down to earth product if you ask me.

THREE – People have lost money starting a business with FHTM Canada before. Yes it is true. People have lost money starting a FHTM Canada business before but so have people in every other business in the world. But does FHTM work? Of course it does and it shows because there are also thousands of people that are making tens of thousands of dollars from the business every single month.

So is FHTM a scam, highly doubtful. There are way too many signs that show it’s real and legitimist. It’s just there are too many people that feel some one scammed them as opposed to realizing that they did not work the business. They just sat around the business.

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