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Tuesday, October 12 2010
[4:30am NY Time]
We’ll be trading the UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) release at 4:30am NY Time today. We’ll be looking at the yearly release figure and the market could react with lots of volatitility as CPI is the basic measurement of Inflation, therefore expect to see more exaggerated moves if we get a huge surprise release. Here is the forecast:

UK CPI y/y Forecast 3.1% Previous 3.1%
The Trade Plan
We are looking for a safe deviation of 0.3% for SELL and 0.3% for BUY. If the Inflation number increases to of 3.4%, which is above BOE’s inflation target, we will BUY of GBP/USD. If the Inflation number decreases to 2.8% or less, we’ll look to SELL GBP/USD. Historically, even with a slight difference of 0.1%, market usually overreacts. If our deviation is hit, there is a strong possibility that the market will move 50 pips immediately. We’ll be looking to trade this release using my after-news retracement method. We’ll wait for the release, wait for market spike, then wait for a decent retracement before jumping in.