Experts in trade in the market of currencies allocate for today two basic methods of forex analytics, methods – 1) the fundamental analysis and 2) the technical analysis.

The fundamental analysis as the way of forex analytics (forecast) conducts the origin from laboratories of chairs of economy of universities. It is a method for people with “economic minds”.

For those who can present and feel communication between the real economic life of the different countries accessible in the form of indicators and factors of the economic theory and reflexion of this economic situation in dynamics of demand for currency of this country so forex fundamental analysis is great.

The technical analysis is developed by Forex analysts (forecast) with “mathematical minds”. Here various theories of mathematical statistics and the mathematical analysis of functions have fundamental value, and one of postulates of this school is the principle “the market considers all”.

The sense of this position consists that real economy is already reflected in the schedule of quotations of currency. Thus, apologists of the technical analysis argue, forex forecast (analyst) does not require tracing of indicators of trading balance of the country and to that similar methods.

So, we have only one schedule with function of quotations of exchange and already two ways of the forecast of its behavior in the near future. At first sight it is more than enough.

However, there are still forex analysts (forecasts) with “mystical” minds which also develop forex forecast (analyst) irrespective of first two groups, being based in the calculations on an astrology and various conjectural experts.

Already fact of existence of this category and their public activity specify that scientific methods of analytics of the forex market (forecast) are not always successful in achievement of the overall objective, the adequate forecast of quotations of currencies.

Actually, traders at realization of operations use usually councils and reviews from all three commissions of experts of forex forecast (analytics).

Very few people will tell that in the Internet it is possible to earn real money. And absolutely units will agree that it is possible to earn at stock exchanges. Forex for today is one of the best trading stock exchanges of our time.

Many people trade in forex market and considerably correct their financial position, thus, without leaving the house. All that is necessary is to have analytical mentality and to watch fluctuations on forex market.

Today the economic situation is very unstable. Currencies and actions that rise, fall, and many people have thought up how to earn on the quotation of currencies, thus losing nothing. The most important thing in this work is to watch after the forex fluctuations and to make the trading operations when it really favorably! And, as the market of currencies is updated almost every minute, here it is possible to spend time perfectly and to earn good money!

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