Relatives are the most close people to us. At least, more often. They render the great influence on the person. At first parents, brothers, sisters, then the wife or the husband, children. To begin with we will talk about negative effect, which can fall upon the trader from relatives. Unfortunately, relatives can throw the big disguised mine in consciousness of the trader. And not always it is directly connected with Forex. The reason – the special attitude to Forex.

The most interesting consists that often such processes occur not purposefully. Something not good is spoken to you accidentally. You would like not perceive the information at once, but by degrees during the most difficult moments, especially when words repeat very often, the situation is considerably heated. For example, the wife does not believe that her spouse can become successful on Forex and consequently constantly says him that he wastes time in vain. While husband has good results, studying and trade goes at full speed, the reliance does not allow to lull the vigilance and everything goes well. But here the critical moment has come. Difficult situations in life or unsuccessful bargains, failure of trading system, an error and many other things lull vigilance and discompose the trader. And here then those mines, which have sat down deeply at subconsciousness start to tick. They undermine the person from inside. I am guilty, I have made everything incorrectly, I have made… etc.

If not to terminate in time a negative stream, consequences can be such that Forex will for ever leave human life. And the trader will pass in the category of those, who will negatively concern Forex. Sometimes the person does not leave sphere of trade in currency, but can splash out all rage on the favorite person or other relative that also will lead to serious consequences.

Parents say to the son-student that it is necessary not to play in Forex, and to study in High School, as his brother, the neighbor or another person more assiduously. And during the critical moment the student either gives up Forex, or sends parents together with their opinion very far and for a long time. The same with spouses. There the conflict can have more serious consequences. And after such emotional problems some traders start to feel guilty, consider that now they are simply obliged to get success on Forex. As a result trade becomes more strained, so the chance of mistake increases.

Social communications are very strong and in the course of conquest of the Forex market represent a strip of serious obstacles. But it is necessary to be respectful to obstacles. It is not necessary to break off a habitual circle of things suddenly even if it is necessary. All changes should proceed by degrees, without sharp jerks. If your fellow worker, the friend or the classmate speaks badly about Forex, tries to dissuade you or any different way to affect your employment by currency, do not hasten to change somebody’s mind. Many people will calm down in due course, and not your belief, but the got profit on a real account will become the best indicator. By the way, you should never praise by the first profit as all beginners after the first successes suffer those or other defeats. Also it is always received so, that the person was praised, and next day has received the loss. And in general, to be praised is not the best feature of the trader. Be constrained. The feeling of restraint allows to avoid some unsuccessful operations, therefore to apply it is necessary both on Forex and in a life.

But, besides dangers, the social environment can bring the help. Among colleagues, friends or classmates quite often there are those who are capable to help to run in to the beginner on Forex. If to notice them in time and to use the help received from them, it is possible to extract a lot of advantage. Especially, it is necessary to search in the social environment of those who attend to Forex.

Before you decide to make a forex investment or start forex trading yourself, better find a good forex book and read more about foreign currency trading market – this will save you from tons of troubles and traps.