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Tom Strignano: Congratulations to those traders that grabbed Head Fake Forex this week! I know you will do well with it if you apply it. At the time of this email, there were only 28 spots left for the Head Fake Forex Master Filter system so if you have been sitting on the fence on whether to get it or not, this is your last chance. The feedback already has been great and I am very happy that so many people jumped on to this great offer so quickly. If you didn’t get a chance to read my emails this week, let me share with you some important facts.

I am releasing my Head Fake Forex system for hundreds less then what I offered it for in the past. This is the same system that I created when I was a Chief Bank Dealer and is still used today by financial institutions to make millions in profits. I made a short video for you to explain why I am doing this and what the Head Fake Forex System is.

Remember, there is literally just a handful of spots left and this is not a marketing ploy – it is to protect the value of the system as well as allowing me to satisfactorily support everyone. I will be taking down the video and the downloads tonight if not sooner, so if you want to learn how to zig and zag at the right time with the markets, then check out the video on one of my favorite predictive trading systems.