For many long years currency market and trading functioning many books, grants, managements, articles were gathered and they are called to tell, explain and teach the trader how to gain profit by currency trade. The library Forex develops constantly and is supplemented with new editions and theories, and hardly this process will stop in the nearest future.

The first books on trading have appeared abroad, in the homeland of stock exchanges when traders still stood in “holes” and shook pieces of paper, making transactions of the purchase/sale of financial tools. In those days trade on Forex was taken into circulation and was accessible only to large financial institutions. And then known traders pored over putting the first book with the proud name “Forex” on a shelf.

Since then the Forex library has seriously grown, but it is necessary to refer to the sources, to the ancestors of the trading literature for studying all subtleties. For example, on the termination of courses teachers advise for newly made traders to study such books as: «the Chaos Theory» by B. Williams, R. Johns’s “Stock jobbing”, «Behind a side of the Japanese candles» by S. Nison, «a Small encyclopedia of the trader» by E. Nyman and many other things. These grants have serious long-term probes of pricing processes on Forex behind themselves. All “how” and “why” are explained in them.

Now with a mass access to the Internet and, as a consequence, remote user terminals, edition media became also popular. For example, the whole guidebooks «Forex from A and to Z» where all the helpful information for participants of the market is collected. The Forex library is enlarged at the expense of the separate articles covering this or that problem, offering a different view on habitual events in the market. Besides, even thematic forums can be not only informative, but also an authentic source of the information – «the truth is born in dispute».

If to concern a question – «what it is necessary to read, and on what it is not necessary to waste time on» – it is possible to say with a confidence that this is a private affair of everyone. Each article, a note or the book worth paying attention to it and has the right to a life only because the author states his own opinion how he sees Forex market. The library Forex is full of various theories of trade and it is impossible to define precisely which of them is more truthful exactly as well as it is impossible to deny completely one of them and to trade on another. For example, adherents classical throughout several tens years hardly would find advantage, for example, in the candle analysis, but Japanese successfully used it for forecasting of prices movement for future deliveries of rice even long before the appearance of the first book about Forex. And without theoretical distinctions admirers of the technical analysis have as though concerned traders-intuitionalists and fundamentalists?! Forex library is the place where it is necessary to search for a key to trade.

There are two options you can make money on Forex market.

You can study the basics of trading currencies on Forex with the help of a nice forex book and do the forex trading yourself.

Or you can hire professional traders to manage your account and they will trade for you. Find out more about forex investment.