Myth 1: Trade at a stock exchange is only for the western countries.

Reality: Forex is accessible to everyone and every country. In the CIS you can trade on the forex market through the forex broker companies which give you full access to the forex market. The broker company gives you the special free software through which you having connected to the Internet make transactions on currency purchase and sale. Orders on the transaction conclusion are given by you only one pressing of a key.

Myth 2: the Majority of people lose money.

Reality: the Reason of it consists in that the majority of people come on the market without having mastered elementary methods of the analysis.

Myth 3: This activity takes away a lot of time. I cannot combine trading with the basic work.

Reality: you independently solve how much time you want to spend for fulfillment of transactions.

This work does not demand from you constant stay in front of the computer monitor. You can make some transactions in day, and can do good, profitable transactions few times in a week. Also, the forex market works round the clock, and this means that you can work in the free time, in the evenings, or even at night time. You can trade, being in any place. From bigger quantities of transactions the big profit at all does not follow. Transactions should be weighed, considered and, as consequence, profitable.

According to the ministry of statistics of the USA, annually in America some millions new enterprises are registered, 80 – 85 % from which – do not live more than two years. In trading parity about same, with that difference what to find out, whether there are at you abilities to trade it is possible quickly enough. You, as the trader, organize the business on forex and the trade. If you organize it competently, you will earn and develop. In business you can not study on errors – and then your century of the businessman is short, and can study and become more successful businessman constantly.

All trading operations on Forex for the purpose of convenience are distributed on a scale of charges.

The scale of charges represents the table divided into certain fields. The data of quotations is entered in this field Forex arriving with a server. In a scale in the field “Symbol” it is possible to read the name of the financial tool, an installation time of the price arrived with a server. Fields of a grid “Maximum” and “Minimum” are filled within days, depending on dynamics and change of the prices. The window «the market Review» is mobile function – it can be exposed, and it is possible to clean from the panel.

If you want to participate in forex trading must start from learning the basics of currency exchange market to make sure you do not experience problems with this industry.

There is another option – you can hire professional traders to do this job for you – read more about forex investment here. Also make sure to search for the info in a good forex book.