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The First Investment-Bank Grade Artificial Intelligence Trading Robot Available to “Everyday” Forex Traders…Most robot creators claim that their software is artificially intelligent. Unfortunately this is simply not true. In fact, most of these claims are just plain scams. All these con-artists are selling is a simple program that executes a simple set-of instructions. If the market changes, the robot is lost and confused. It cannot adapt. It cannot recover.

Most of the time, these primitive robots close out the account. But the NightFox is able to use true AI genetic algorithms to create a robot that leapfrogs the sophistication of the current generation of trading software. In fact, NightFox is much more than a simple robot. It is an AI agent with the capacity to learn and adapt to the market. You need to read how NightFox is making even the most cynical traders shake their head in astonishment here!

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NightFox was put through hellish testing and probably the most brutal evaluation process ever implemented for a public trading platform. It passed with flying colors forbAN ENTIRE DECADE.

The Only AI Forex Robot Hard-Wired for Maximum Profit Taking…Most Forex Robots are scared of their own shadow. They are so sensitive to preventing losses that they are scared to take profits! This means that many robots do not make the max profits they are able to. The NightFox’s creators recognized this years ago and hired a revolutionary “behavior” into NightFox. You see NightFox can recognize a good run-up and go all-in leveraging your account to take FULL Advantage of the upward swing in profits.

But on the flip side, when profits stall, NightFox will put on the brakes protecting your profits.It’s called: Automatic Leverage Levels Setup or ALLS and its built right into NightFox’s DNA.

You can get the inside story on this…It’s Time to Open a Can of Whoop Ass on Forex Brokers…For some reason, Forex Brokers can’t keep their grimy paws off your trading strategy. If they see you making bucket-loads of money, many can’t resist the temptation to derail your strategy. They have a full arsenal of dirty tricks all designed to pad their commissions with illegal profits. I’ve seen this happening first-hand and decided to stop these shenanigans cold. The NightFox will hide its target and stop loss orders from the broker, so the broker won’t have a chance to stop it from racking in profits.

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