Download this 1 Minute Forex Trading System that makes money instantly anytime. Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets plus the Forex Swing Trading FOREX-4 PACK End of Day Trading Training Kit FREE. Bill Poulos: Well, it’s finally here! The doors to my Forex Profit Accelerator Group Coaching Program just opened about an hour ago. The folks on my “Fast Movers” list already started snapping up enrollments, but there are still probably some left here if you get this in time: If you liked any of my complimentary training material I released over the past week, like the Forex Smart Start Profit Strategies, then I think you’ll LOVE my complete Forex Profit Accelerator Group Coaching Program…I designed it with one goal: to help take you from wherever you’re at right now and transform you into an Independent Master Forex Trader.

One of my readers may have said it best when it comes to coaching: “Many years ago, a very successful Chicago floor trader told me in a phone call that most everyone who becomes a successful professional trader has a mentor. Otherwise, the odds are against him. Last year, I came to the sobering conclusion he was right, that the only way I am likely to make it is through
coaching and mentorship.”

Well said. So if you think 2010 is YOUR YEAR to finally master Forex, check out my enrollment letter here: As we head into the weekend, I just wanted to let you know I’m working on a special sneak peek preview at my Forex Profit Accelerator members website. I’m loading it up with a bunch of cool stuff for you to check out, including some eye-opening “trade diary” videos where you can see some current trades I’ve been tracking using the Forex Profit Accelerator methods. I’ll send you your username & password sometime on the weekend as soon as it’s ready for you. In the meantime, make sure you check out all the bonus, complimentary Forex training I have for you here, in advance of the opening of my Forex Profit Accelerator Group Coaching Program which opens up at 10am Eastern on Monday.

Norman Hallett from The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program: Coaching is a powerful thing. Getting quick answers to questions and valuable guidance from an expert … there’s no substitute for that. But having a FOREX coach can be a 5, 10, or even $20,000 investment… and for many, with accounts big enough… it’s well worth it. But not for the average FOREX trader. Well, Bill Poulos has a solution…

* Affordable semi-private, group coaching, which gives you most of the benefits of 1-on-1 coaching, but at a FRACTION of the investment.

On Monday, March 8th, at 10am Eastern, 35+ year market veteran Bill Poulos is taking on his first group of charter students to join him in an exclusive Forex group coaching program. He first leaked word of this yesterday during his “Forex Smart Start Profit Strategies” training session. Watch the video replay of the entire training here:

* At the end of the training, Bill invites you to apply for some complimentary follow-up training here:

I recommend you watch the training replay and ALSO apply for the additional follow-up training – it’s “on the house”, and you’ll learn a bunch of “what works now” tips & techniques you can begin using immediately… (Also, those that apply for the additional training get entered into Bill’s group coaching SCHOLARSHIP giveaway – the lucky recipient will be announced this Sunday!)