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The problem is that you have to know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you’re like a sheep among wolves in the Forex markets. I have some good news, though. We have figured out how amateurs can trade like pros, without having to sweat about it. This brief video gives you a sneak peek at what’s coming (it’s not public yet, but when we finally release it, it’s going to shake things up):

Forex seems like the greatest money-making opportunity ever. All you have to do is figure out how the markets move, buy low and sell high! Yeah, and all you have to do to be an Olympic athlete is work out a little bit. It’s crazy to think that you can waltz into the markets knowing nothing and sort of accidentally make yourself rich. I’m not saying it can’t ever happen, but luck is hard to repeat. It doesn’t give you much confidence that you can feed your family and stop depending on working for somebody else for your paycheck.

Bottom line, Forex trading is NOT easy. Never has been. It takes market knowledge and rock-solid self-control. Most people new to trading don’t have either one…so they nose dive and lose a ton of their hard-earned money chasing the dream. The mechanics of trading only takes a few minutes to learn. That’s not the problem. The real issue is

1) Having a system that a normal human non-genius can use day in and day out to make consistent Forex profits

2) Being able to use that system without staring at your computer screen all day

Well, that’s what we are going to give you! Yes, I mean both things. No gimmicks, no tricks. Here’s the big news…The single biggest thing that gets in the way of most Forex traders is emotion. It’s a profit killer. Could be fear, could be greed. Doesn’t matter which it is! Either one will sink your ship. I hope I’m not revealing too much too soon, but what we have done is create revolutionary new software that tells you when to trade, based on our proven trading system. That means you can trade with no emotion at all. You just follow instructions and count your profits!

That’s all I can say for now, but this brief video gives you more of the story:

Trust me, if you’re brand new to Forex, this is where you want to start. Why wander around in the dark losing money when somebody’s offering to help you avoid that pain? And if you’re intimately familiar with big losses, why not stop those dead in their tracks by using a proven system and just trading when it tells you to? I bet you know the answer to both questions. I’m convinced Forex Profit Launcher is exactly what you need, no matter what your Forex trading experience is (you don’t have to have ANY experience). Once you’ve seen it, I know you’re going to be excited. You’ll have to be patient just a bit longer, though. I’ll let you know when this thing is going to hit the street.