Discover the top ranked Forex Robot World Cup Robots. The cash prize for the top robot developer was $100,000. Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets FREE. Read the story of Richard Samuels, a post office mailman with a head injury and how he made a fortune with these Forex Signals. Below are the top five EA’s in the Forex Robot World Cup. These are live results that are updated every 15 minutes so they may have changed by the time you get there:

LMD-Multicurrency – 156.91%
HiRIDER – 83.20%
SuperVolcano – 29.56%
VREM2 – 26.03%
Nutcracker – 14.78%

If you consider that these robots started trading on the 1st of December, I think that’s pretty impressive. I know a lot of people are following this competition very closely, but live trading stops on Friday. If you’re into automated trading, then you’re going to find this site very interesting. Personally, I like HiRIDER, I like the look of its smooth equity curve. Anyway, I thought I would remind you that the live trading stops on Friday, and now is the time to check it out. After Friday I’m not sure what happens to the live results, but if you are interested, check them out now:

If you follow the Forex market then you probably know about the Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) competition. It’s the one that most people are talking about right now, and with good reason. It’s the most transparent, credible and exciting thing to hit the Forex market since… FOREVER.

The top performing EAs will be available for purchase soon… and let us tell you, there is more proof for the FRWC EAs than anything else we have ever seen. This competition is so transparent that the transparency (live trading, updated every 15 minutes for almost 2 months now!) has become THE strongest reason for people to go to their website and stand in line to purchase the winning EAs once available. Not only can they now see the EAs trading live, they can have a look at all of the trades that any EA has made since the start of the live testing stage…The Forex Robot World Cup competition ends tomorrow, so… the robots will be available for purchase VERY soon. After ONLY 1 month and 27 days:

#1 Robot: 194.24% net profit
#2 Robot: 87.96% net profit
#3 Robot: 35.01% net profits

…real money, live accounts… updated every 15 minutes (have been since the beginning of the competition)… you can see them on the Forex Robot World Cup website. It just doesn’t get better than this! Imagine being able to own the best robots in the world NOT because a marketer tells you they are the best of the best… BUT because a transparent and objective competition established it.

Now… as you might recall, over 300 INDEPENDENT robot developers from all over the world joined the competition, HOWEVER… only 24 robots were selected to be part of the 2 month, real money, live trading phase. Yes, the qualification rules were tough… and yes, that is what YOU should demand when it comes to finding a reliable, stable and profitable forex robot.

No place for 2nd best with these guys… they have done a spectacular job when it comes to tough qualification rules and uncensored transparency. You can review all the participating robots on the Forex Robot World Cup website. By the way, FXCM and Boston Technologies are the official sponsors of the Forex Robot World Cup…when was the last time you saw companies like that lend their name to a Forex product?

Soon, you will be able to purchase the winning robots. Soon, for the first time, you will be able to automatically trade forex the way it SHOULD be traded. No more marketing hype… no more B.S. back-tests… no more Photoshop’ed account statements. This is a new beginning for many FX traders out there and truly a new standard in the FX industry.