In modern descriptions of methods of work in the forex market scalping strategy in articles and books the first place is taken away. The strategy of forex scalping consists in profit reception on rate fluctuations in day and demands, during the day the trader can make to 200 transactions and, of course, the profit of each separately taken transaction is insignificant, but following the results of day the worthy sum can turn out.

Many forex strategies including scalping, described in articles and books, demand constant attention to minute and five-minute rate fluctuations and are constructed not only on mathematical calculations, but also in many respects on intuition. Trade on forex in this case has similarity to game in a steel tape measure.

Here are the generalized rules of forex scalping strategy taken from articles and books:

– Trade occurs synchronously on several currency pairs, about 90 % from them are constructed on work against dollar, on the average during the day currency fluctuations pass about 50-60 points, but actually mid day fluctuations are more appreciable;
– Basically the rate becomes on tic work schedule;

– The majority of actions are made out by warrants;

Many beginners use forex scalping strategy having received the information from books and articles, but seldom achieve success. This method of trade presented in articles and books, is very combined and demands the constant detailed analysis the information which however have seized it in perfection can successfully apply scalping as system of the repeated conclusion of transactions with small profit, and in other trade areas.

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People who took the decision to participate in forex trading must start from learning the basics of this market to make sure you do not have problems with this industry.

There is another option – you can hire professional traders to do this job for you – read more about forex investment here. Also make sure to look for the knowledge in a good forex book.