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Karl Dittmann: Many of you asking me for the testimonials, results etc.. of my new software “Forex Secret Profit” that was launched yesterday. I can’t attach all of them in this letter ( i have received over 450 emails already ) but there is one of the “todays” emails: from my valued member Mark from Europe, who kindly gave me his permission to share his testimonial with other members:

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From: markmarkfx——
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 4:22 PM
Subject: Fw: Forex Secret Profit – Full Version Order Information
Hello Karl
I’ve bought different products from you and some better than others, Your new forex secret profit software is Wonderful. congratulations!!! I bought it yesterday and the 1st results are pretty impressive I’m now testing your signals on gbp/usd eur/usd.. 3 wins – 39pips, 8pips, 29pips. (my demo account – I’ve used M30 timeframe) I will keep you updated…thanks! Mark Fenz

Thank you all for your great interest to this new trading software! It was totally UNEXPECTED …for me that so many traders ( especially FX beginners) looking for the “arrows-BUY/SELL” software. I just want to remind everyone that “special discounted launch price offer” will expire in a day or two…

I just want to let you know that the “special launch price offer” is over. Regular price now – $149. I am sorry if you missed launch discount.. “Forex Secret Profit” software keep showing outstanding results. I’ve received over 1000 great testimonials like the one below (from my valued member Stu) Hello Karl,
Well, yesterday I purchased the Secret Profit and read thru the manual. After studying the manual I put the indicators on the charts I am using and so far I have placed 3 trades given by the Profit indicators. One win at 29 pips, 20 and 15 pips all in one session. To be honest I was only looking for 20 pips a day so your system has far exceeded that target. WOW!! For anyone looking or thinking to buy this system, I would say go ahead as you will make some pips for sure. I will be studying the system so I can polish up my entries more but all in all I give the system an “A” By the way, in my life I bought a lot of trading systems, indicators, EAs and so on, and this is the first time I write a comment, because this indicator has surprised me by any means.Thanks Karl for sure super fast emails, Stu E.