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Right now traders from all over the globe are lining up to buy FTS’ incredible new EA Forex Torpedo. The entire Forex community has been swept by an unrelenting buzz with the expectation that this awesome new discovery is going to change the way we trade forever. The boundaries of Forex Artificial Intelligence have systematically been smashed to smithereens.

Because the FTS team have produced the absolute unthinkable: a Forex robot that really is able to see into the immediate future, enter trades for you, then come out with incredible profits each and every time. And if you want to know the extent of what that means… then try $20,000 in less than a week… These guys have finally proven that it really IS possible to make an absolute killing on the Forex markets without even lifting a finger. They’ve uncovered a secret, the missing ingredient to LONG-TERM automated Forex profits:

If you’ve read this far, you’re more than qualified to discover this amazing new development in the world of automated Forex trading. But how do you know that this isn’t just one more quick fix EA that will rid you of your hard-earned cash? Day in, day out, you hear about these stories of rags to riches traders who have ‘invented’ their own life-changing Forex systems which they are more than happy to share with you. It’s all just bull.

The reality is that small traders can study the markets as much as they want, but it won’t make them experts. As with many things in life, when trading Forex there really is no substitute for experience. Fortunately for us, the team at FTS combine a total of over 40 years Forex trading experience, ranging from Wall Street to Sydney, then right across the globe to London, England.

These guys’ sole mission in life for the last few years has been to revolutionize the Forex market… to create something brand new… and bring successful trading to the guy on the street… And they have certainly done that…You see, the multi trillion dollar Forex market is perhaps the only potentially level playing field that there is out there. Where else could a single person turn $2,000 into $92,000 entirely on autopilot?

Where else could your average man on the street make $20,000 in a week without even lifting a finger? Only on the Forex market. But these kind of figures really are only achievable if you have the RIGHT TOOL at your disposal, which has been created by TRUE PROFESSIONALS. That’s why these guys are offering irrefutable evidence that Forex Torpedo can automatically hunt down winning trades for you. And, once it does, it pounces and enters that trade for you then waits until the time is right to close that trade and bring the profits home to you.

Forex Torpedo is a 100% automated trading robot that does all of this work for you. It can be trading for you when you’re in bed asleep, at the shops, at the beach, anywhere. You can even let Forex Torpedo trade for your whilst your at work and let it pile up the profits for you until the day arrives when you can finally tell your boss where to stick his job! And, what’s more:

* You don’t have to know anything about Forex

* The software does everything for you – it finds, enters and exits the trades AUTOMATICALLY

* It has built-in money management rules that protect your hard-earned cash and totally minimizes any risk involved

* It can be downloaded and installed in a few minutes – you don’t need to know anything at all about computers – even a child could do it!

* You don’t have to be around at all whilst the software is trading – you simply need to enter the provided default settings and the rest is done for you

Still not convinced? Well, I wouldn’t blame you. As we’ve discussed there are a lot of unscrupulous crooks out there, waiting to swipe your money. But with Forex Torpedo you can see cast-iron PROOF of how this incredible EA turned a starting balance of a measly $2,000 into $92,000 all in less than a year. You can also see how it turned a profit of $20,000 in less than a week…And these profits aren’t just one-offs. No, these kinds of gains are typical of Forex Torpedo and the kind of trade the FTS team are helping ordinary guys like you make, day after day.

Forex Torpedo is almost ready for launch. Traders all over the world have been waiting all year for this robot and it’s going to be a real fight to get hold of a copy… I’m going to make sure that I keep you ahead of the competition. So I’ll be in touch to let you know when the software goes live the moment it does so. Trust me, you do NOT want to miss this!