As Forex traders, we should cope with various types of stresses and try not to fuse. From time to time, it is not such an easy problem! Also, there can be a strong interrelation between stress and fear because fear also can lead to stress. However, in the given article I want to concentrate on stress as a result of an overload, instead of the stress caused by fear. So, how do we cope with stress and avoid fusion?

Let’s consider one example of how to cope with a stressful situation. We will tell, you feel yourself depressed (all of us face it from time to time) because you have to do too much and too large expectations that it will be done. How you can cope with such stress? Try to distribute the working load, writing down everything that you have to do. Then, define priorities for each problem and date to which you can finish them.

I find that such an organization automatically reduces stress because, now, I do not worry that I ca miss something important. If trade is priority for you, you should show that your trade always is number one for you. Knowing that you have planned the trade in the schedule, will reduce stress.

Make sure that you have planned short periods of free time for every day, in order to do something that is not connected with your work – something that you enjoy. It will allow you to free your thoughts and will reduce stress. It can be sports training, walks, reading etc. I think that you have received certain ideas – now, go and do it! You do not want to reach a stage of fusion – that point where you have passed by reasonable level of stress, and you now cannot cope with it. To avoid this stage, you, basically, have to take longer periods of free time, and it means full relaxation. If you have fused, for you it is even more important to do it, or otherwise it will become even worse for you, and the nervous breakdown can be the following stage! So, listen to your body, and distinguish stress while you can cope with it.

Then, take your list of things which can cause the future stress. Try to replace the anxiety connected with these events with positive thoughts and actions, but think and operate in full understanding of it. Know about it, but do not live it.

We sometimes cause those things which we try to avoid because we always think of them! Usually, our thoughts bring that bad that may happen. Replace bad for good and see how you avoid these events as a whole or successfully cope with them if they anyway happen.

Undertake the action necessary to avoid bad results, operating in full understanding of it. Doing it, you can keep additional stress on a low level and concentrate on your current state of affairs.

The idea consists in operating yourself and the perception of stress. If trade losses cause you stress then you do not know that trade involves a capture of operated losses, or you have not accepted this reality. Fear and your ego also can make the negative influence. You either should change your sight at these things, or you should find other business.

The stress is self-reproduced often. The recognition of it and acceptance of responsibility for yourself will help you to cope with stress.

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