What do you think about forex trading? Usually people feel that it is a market where you may become a millionaire in case you get some special secret which lets you make a fortune. That is why, there are so many traders who exhaust themselves and waste a lot of money trying to find out what is necessary to do in order to make money. They think that there is one secret with the help of which the person may reach everything. In fact there is no secret. Forex market is average market with some differences. If it was possible to make money by using some special formula there would be a lot of millionaires or none. There are many professional traders who make money and they say that even now there are some deals which they lose. That is why, if you would like to become a successful trader you have to understand that it is necessary to learn how to trade.

The main reason why people lose is the fact that they do not want to learn. Usually they make the same mistakes and refuse to analyze the trade. In the result they make no consequences and cannot avoid them in the future. It is said that the best way to learn is on the mistakes of the others. In order not to make the same stupid mistakes let us talk bout them.

Mistake 1. Most of the traders buy a robot. It is easy to understand why they buy those robots. When person comes to the market and knows nothing about the trade and the aspects of the exchange business it is difficult to start. That is why, they prefer to buy some gadget that would do everything instead of them. What is more, there are people who really believe that with the help of trading robot it is possible to make money. And in hope to earn money without doing anything they start from buying the trading robot. If you would like to avoid making this terrible mistake you should start your trading from learning. It is important to understand that in order to make money one has to work hard. It is impossible to trade on the market not being involved in the trade.

Mistake 2. Many traders think that the more complicated the strategy is the better it works. In fact it is not true. Usually people without any experience fail to follow the strategy and make a lot of mistakes. That is why, it is better just to use the simple methods and techniques. Within the time the trader will understand how everything works and will be able to use any strategy he/she likes.

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