Every week I see a new Forex trading software package claiming I can make huge gains with no effort and all for a hundred dollars or so – But which of these systems REALLY work? Let’s find out… forex broker

In a moment I will give you some free systems that have made hundreds of millions of dollars but first let’s get rid of all the systems that don’t work. If you want to spot them look for these key points:

– Claims of hundreds of percent or more in annual gains and under 5% in drawdown

– Claims of 95% or more in terms of accuracy

– Claims that they can predict the future with scientific algorithms

forex broker
You can spot these Forex robots easily, they will normally have a catchy name and retail for around a hundred dollars. Of course if you really could make money with little or no drawdown, with no effort and for the cost of a good night out, 95% of traders wouldn’t lose and they do. These systems don’t have a real track record, just simulations over past data but that’s easy! We could all be billionaires, if we knew tomorrow’s closing price today but we don’t.

If you want to cross a Forex trading software package off your list, look for a simulated track record or one the vendor tells you is true but has no audit of figures from an outside source.

Systems that Make Money and two that Have Made Hundreds of Millions in Profit for FREE!

If you want a system that makes money, you will normally see 50 – 100% annual gains with some drawdown, normally around 20 – 30% will occur even on the best systems and they will also produce an independent track record. These systems have periods of losses ( all good systems do) but stick with them and you could make huge profits.

To get you started, check out two free systems which are by trading legends which have made hundreds of millions in REAL dollars.

The Turtle Trading Rules by Richard Dennis

These rules were given to a group of newbie traders who piled up 400 million in profits with them. Dennis gave them the system to prove anyone could win with the right system and mindset and he was proved right.

The 4 Week Rule by Richard Donchian

A favourite of mine a one rule system you can learn in 10 minutes yet, it’s been piling up huge profits for nearly 30 years and its by another true trading legend Richard Donchian – the grandfather of modern trend following and one of the most respected traders of all time.

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