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If you’re getting mixed or negative results, trying to evaluate whether a system will work or not, or simply want to know what kind of things are lurking around the corner that you have to watch out for when trading, then you NEED to listen to this audio. In the interview I also get asked about what kind of mindset shifts that you need to adopt as a trader (very powerful stuff). All the best in your trading, at the end of the interview I announce a special free bonus that you’ll want to download RIGHT AWAY (especially when you find out who it involves!), so make sure to listen to the interview all the way through.

I’ve been listening a lot to what the Gestalt Shift community has been saying and I wanted to address something: Do you have trouble pulling the trigger, because even when you do all of your analysis, frankly, you’re not sure if the market is going to go in your direction? And you’re tired of getting stopped out and losing to the market? This is a common problem that traders face, and it’s not all because of the strategy. Hint: it’s about judging volatility, and having objectively defined scenarios that take the guesswork out of when to exit once you’re in a trade.

If you’d like to learn some steps to significantly reduce these problems, I recommend that you view a recording from a recent webinar I did, entitled “Pulling the Trigger and Stop Getting Stopped Out of Forex Trades”

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