Download these 3 great Trading Discipline Audios by Norman Hallet. These can change the way you have been trading. Read the story of Richard Samuels,a post office mailman with a head injury and how he made a fortune with these Neutrino Forex Signals. Watch this 20 minutes weird Stock Trading FREE video just now! Norman from The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program: I’m in Chicago this weekend speaking at the Trader’s Library Forum. When I checked my emails last night, I got a communication from James Flanagan, owner of Gann Global. He was letting me know he just finished up a Webinar I’ve been asking him to do… on his expertise. He’s titled the Webinar (and you’ll see the video Replay),…

“W.D. Gann’s Most Valuable Secret: The Master Time Factor Applied to Current Markets”

You’re reading this earlier than I would normally tell it because I have to prepare for my presentation here in Chicago. The actual video won’t be up until later this morning, but go here anyway and check (it may be up)…I’m a huge believer that history repeats itself, and that’s what Gann analysis is all about. I personally use James’ Gann analysis (yes, I’m a subscriber to his service) to give me a high-probability backdrop to my more specific trading setups.

I do this to make sure I’m giving myself the best chance to be “going with the flow”. I think you’ll enjoy James’ ‘nerdy’ statistical presentation. This video is a recording of the Webinar he did last night (Friday night) and if the video recording has not yet been readied for replay, you’ll still be able to see the preview (to whet your appetite), and then you can check back later when the Replay is ready to go.

“Turning volatility into substantial profits.”

That statement is the essence of successful OPTIONS trading. Why options and not all the other trading vehicles? Because “perceived” value… or call it “momentum value”,
is what causes options premiums to balloon. And “perceived values” and “momentums” can be at extremes when you have volatile markets.

So, if you’re looking to capture substantial profits in an orderly way… matching Options with Volatility, makes the perfect marriage. Enter Bryan Bottarelli. (former CBOE floor trader, with some impressive credentials) I just looked at his presentation page for his options service…and the claims that he makes for his student’s profitability… well, they are almost too much to believe….

Bryan’s been around for a while, but some of the numbers he’s putting forward are way above the average winnings of other “guru”s… so I’m looking further in to it. Last week, for example Bottarelli Research reports hitting winners of 9 of 11 trades after a week of an even stronger 9 of 10…and included in this winning streak, they are reporting a 322% gain in Netflix calls which contributed to a $15,000 overnight gain. In his presentation, he discusses his “Automatic Money Principles” which he further labels as “5 Secret CBOE Tactics for 7-Digit Returns”. They are…

1. The ‘Who Cares’ Stocks
2. The ‘Indisputable Evidence’ Play
3. The Always Bullish Guarantee
4. The Downside ‘Gift Gap’
5. The One And Only Technical Indicator That Always Works.

Words like “Indisputable”, “Guarantee”, and “Always”, just don’t sit well with me… so I’m going deeper.

Why do I even bother? Bryan’s background as a Floor Trader, with floor trader secrets… that’s just a hook that I, personally, can’t resist. It’s from the fact that the many successful floor traders I’ve known seem to be straight-forward, highly-focused, and make a lot of money. So, I’m pushing my way through his outrageous claims of profit and going for the detail. Get ready for some shocking statements! Can Bottarelli be believed? We’ll see, won’t we!