Watch these Forex Mastery 2.0 and M3 Forex Software preview videos that sow 21st century Forex Technology in action-the game changer for the forex traders. Know this shocking Dow Futures secret that can make you rich. Discover Gold and Silver Trading Robot! Old is gold. Throughout human history, gold has been considered to be a precious thing. Kings and Queens would hoard this precious metals. Countries would measure their wealth in terms of the gold bullion they had. In the 19th century, world was on a gold standard. It is abandoned in the 20th century. But we might be again heading towards an unofficial gold standard now as US Dollar status as an international reserve currency comes into threat. Gold prices are rising as never seen before. Right now these prices are steady around $1,000 per ounce. But experts are predicting that these prices might go as high as $2,000 per ounce.

The reasons for this unprecedented bull market in gold and silver is the fact that investors are worried about the long term strength of US Dollar. Many wealthy investors are hedging into gold. When US Dollar gets weak, gold prices climb high as most of the investor taken refuge in this safe haven ultimate currency.

Most of the countries keep US Dollar as their international reserve currency for international trade and commerce. Now countries like China, Brazil, India and Russia have huge US Dollar reserves. These countries are converting these Dollar reserves into gold bullion in the international market. The supply of gold is limited. So this huge demand is driving the prices up in the market.

If you have been trading forex than the good news is that you can trade gold as well as silver on forex with the same broker. Many forex brokers allow you to trade these precious metals from the same trading platform.

The development of the Meta Trader 4 platform has revolutionized retail forex industry with the possibility of trading with an expert advisor or what you call a forex robot. These forex robots are in fact computer programs or software that run on the MT4 platform monitoring the market round the clock something a human cannot do.

Trading round the clock 24/5 is not possible for a human trader. But a forex robot can trade round the clock 24/5 without tiring and fatiguing monitoring the market all the time and only trading when the conditions are right for a high probability trade. With the passage of time, these robots are getting better and better.

Now, many people don’t know this that spot trading gold and silver can be far more lucrative than spot trading forex. Silver is another precious metal that can rocket ten times faster than gold in the coming few years. Many forex brokers allow you to trade silver as well along with currencies, gold and oil. With these precious metals market in an unprecedented bull market, this the best time to trade these metals. Trend trading is what makes a fortune and you have a historic trend developing in these precious metals market right in front of you!

But many people don’t know this fact that now you can spot trade gold and silver with a robot too just like forex. If you have been trading forex with a robot than you need to try these gold robots too!