As a rule auctions offer paid services of advertizing. For example, placing of your goods in the beginning of a commodity category, allocation of your offer by any color.
We have made very interesting experiment: have tried to sell at the same time two similar mobile phones. For one we have ordered all package of advertizing services offered at Internet auction, and we have left another without changes. Investments in advertizing haven’t kept waiting long for itself: we have sold the first phone in two days on a blitz-price and it was not possible to sell the second phone – most likely, it has simply got lost among the list of similar offers. Besides, if you are on the termination of the auctions and haven’t managed to sell the prize, all package remains for you before the got advertizing services. You can use them until the goods won’t be sold.

The interesting fact: the considerable quantity of rates (50-60 %) becomes, as a rule, 10-20 minutes prior to the termination of the auctions. Very much pleases that the price for the goods can’t fall below the starting. If the auctions go inertly you can remove without consequences a prize from sale and during any convenient for you time to place it at auction again.

Electronic payment systems
It is enough fast and convenient method of payment of purchase of the goods on the Internet. For this purpose it is necessary for you to create a virtual purse and to get account replenishment vouchers. You can use following electronic systems: WebMoney, PayPal, Yandex. Money, the Internet Money.
Bank remittance
For such way of calculation it is necessary to open the bank account in that currency in which you are going to pay off. If you don’t have account and it isn’t required in the near future to you, you can simply pay the receipt written out by the seller. As a rule, the bank commission for similar operation makes to 5 % from the sum.

Cash on delivery
The seller sends the goods on post office of the buyer in the specified term. This service depends on the sizes of purchase. If you have decided to use this kind of payment stipulate who will incur the above-stated expenses.

Internet deceit
One of principal causes of low interest of the conclusion of transactions through internet-auctions is fear to be deceived. The seller risks to send the goods to the doubtful purchaser, and the buyer not to receive the desirable goods for the money. For avoidance of such unpleasant situations you can pay attention to a rating of the seller (it shows quantity of transactions and an estimation of buyers on a five-point scale), and also to esteem responses. However blindly to trust in it also is not necessary as in the history of internet-auctions there was a case when the seller on small sales has won a good rating and responses and then on large sale has deceived the buyer.

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