Most people believe that credit cards with high credit limits can not be got if you have bad credit, but it is not true actually. Of course your credit score is a vital variable when it comes to estimating your credit limits, there are also other variables that are also important. So, by checking these variables and preparing yourself for credit card application you can increase your chances of obtaining a higher credit limit.

Variables That Define Your Credit Limit
When estimating your credit limit, the credit card company considers many various variables. And it has been explained in the very beginning, though the credit score is a vital factor, it is not the only one or even the major one. Since credit limits are mostly amounts, it is your income that will define your credit limit at first. Also, your history with the credit card company will be a significant factor as well. More often you can get a better credit limits with a company that you have already set an account with.

Other variables are external and you can not control them, you can reap benefits from them if you know how they function. For example, if you know that credit card market has a stiff competition, you can benefit from this fact. You can get in touch with credit card companies and let inform them what limit the other companies offered you. Believe me, they will do their best to make their offers better. Also, if you want to pay a higher interest rate, by looking for credit card offers through the internet, you will find a few promotions providing high credit limits in exchange for higher interest rates.

Lines of Credit and Available Income
All lines of credit set their limits on the ability of their applicants to repay their debt. Therefore, the client’s income is an important variable when it comes to defining the amount of money you can lend on a credit card line of credit. For people who are employed there is no much to do but those who are self-employed can make certain that their tax presentations depict the real income they get just to get a better credit limit when filing an application for a credit card.

There are also credit cards, different loan products and lines of credit that give you a possibility to apply with set income. It means that they will consider the amount of many that you claim on your application instead of answering paycheck copies or tax presentations. It is almost useful for those people who can not give information on their income or for those people that have a stable wage and commission that are different in different months.

It is a very important factor on credit card applications but if you really want to increase your chances of obtaining a higher credit limit on your new credit cards, you need to look around and make a comparison of various financial companies and what their offers. Ask for different quotes and compare the rates and the credit limits. High interest rate cards offer bigger credit limits but you should attempt to get a reasonable rate with the biggest credit limit possible.

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