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Mark Soberman, the High Velocity Market Master: Oops, my goof! In my last email to you, I quoted the webinar date incorrectly. Instead of Thursday, April 27th, the webinar and Micro Release is happening on Thursday, April 29th at 6pm Eastern. If you registered for the webinar already, no need to do anything; the updated webinar instructions have already been sent to you. And if you haven’t registered for the webinar… now’s as good a time as ever. Just remember… it’s this Thursday, the 29th 😉 Have you been waiting patiently for the next re-release of the High Velocity Market Master 2010? Your wait is up! Well, sorta 🙂

I’m in the process of switching to a new warehouse and you know what that means… cleaning house! Late last week, my warehouse guys found a small stash of High Velocity Market Master 2010 courses that had been misplaced during the last release. The good news is that I’m letting go of this inventory in a micro (and I mean MICRO) release for over the course of just 24 hours.

These two dozen copies will be available this Thursday, April 27th at 6pm Eastern (New York Time) – and just in case you forgot what the HVMM was all about, I’m teaching a ‘quick & dirty’ refresher webinar on the system right before I announce the order page URL. Of course, there’s no charge to attend the refresher webinar and it’ll give you a good foundation on what the HVMM is all about, what you’re getting in the HVMM package and of course, the results you can expect to see trading the HVMM. Get your seat right now:

Remember, the webinar kicks off at 6pm Eastern this Thursday and I’ll give you the order links on that call. Can’t make it on Thursday but still dying for the HVMM? Register anyways – I’ll send out the signup page immediately after the webinar so you’ll stay ‘in the know’. Talk to you on Thursday, Just to clarify: the release is really for 24 hours OR until the 24 copies are gone… whichever comes first (and I *think* you know what will come first!). Secure your login details ASAP before you forget:

Alright, I warned you… now I’m callin’ it! I’m pulling down the Ultimate Trade Analyzer at 5pm Eastern (New York Time) TODAY. So if you’ve been dilly-dallying, there’s no time like the present to grab the last of the UTAs (with my iron-clad 30 day return policy) before they’re gone: This will be your LAST chance to own the Ultimate Trade Analyzer (at least for the next few months). Rest assured, if you’re not ready to become a UTA believer right now, I *will* re-release it in the future. I just can’t give an exact month, at this point.

Bad news is, since this was the first-ever release of the Ultimate Trade Analyzer, the price WILL increase the next time it is re-released. So if you want to secure the UTA at its Introductory price and skip the potentially long wait-time until my next release, click the link below to reserve your copy: As I’ve said before, the Ultimate Trade Analyzer has
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