To earn on the Internet now is possible in absolutely different ways – to sell the advertizing area or references to the blogs, to write articles on the set themes, to carry out remote commissions, to create advertizing banners or to be engaged in the photohobby. Therefore, it is not necessary to panic if the employer has expelled you in holiday at own expense.

I will begin with possibilities for those who do not have their own blog but have an access to the Internet and desire to earn. The new site of recently has opened offering to carry out various commissions for money. For example, to reserve a place in hotel, to buy the ticket for a concert, to monitore the local TV, to interview or voting, to photograph object interesting the customer, to meet transfer at station, at the airport and so on. In a word, normal commissions which to us often should be carried out in life free of charge. Anyway, you will carry out only that what you want. Registration in system assumes entering of passport data and the real place of residence. Having registered, to you at first will suggest to execute open commissions and to prove as the reliable executor in order you could receive the status of the agent. Each successful commission will be rewarded by money and points. The average price of the commission makes about 1000 Russian roubles and is paid on your electronic purse within seven days if the customer doesn’t have claims to quality of performance. Order cost is defined by administration and depends on complexity of the commission, terms, and region of its performance. Your rating will depend on points as agent.

If you have a talent for a writing of articles then you can check up a site which represents the whole portal on earnings for freelancers. Here it is offered to write articles on the set theme, to make multiple copies the text, to make and copy some variants of the same text or to make transfer of set article. Money in a current of one working day is transmited. While the system is in a testing stage the possibilities extend and it is already possible to work and earn.

One more system which is worthy is E-generator. Here the creative freelancer can earn thinking out names, slogans, actions, creating cards, translating articles. Here are for example some tasks: to develop a domain name for the Internet shop or to write short comic scenarios-dialogues on financial themes or it is simple on topic of the day. At registration you specify the electronic address and new tasks will arrive to you by mail.

Now about electronic purses. The paid money is translated into your account WebMoney, systems translating ecash. It is simple to be registered on a site, but: at first you need to receive acknowledgement on the electronic address, then on a mobile phone, then to register the safety certificate in your browser (you receive the detailed instruction about how to do it), but all safety measures are created for your safety. After successful registration you receive the unique identification number and number of purses of different currency. For example, WMZ is a dollar purse, WMЕ is the account in euro. It is possible to choose the currency necessary to you from the menu and to create an electronic purse. The system removes small percent for cashing in of means, for calculations and for remittance from one currency in another. Here it is possible to familiarize with points of cashing of money in your settlement – all 7585 settlements in 67 countries of the world are registered.

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