What about your real credit expenditures? Do you know them exactly? And when did you watch them last time? Maybe you do not remember because it happened several months ago. Is it so? Very often credit card holders use cash but not their credit cards as they want to minimize their expenditures and behave carefully purchasing things on credit and try to avoid any problems with their bills. But if you have big credit debt, for example, more than 10 thousand dollars, you can stop paying your credit card debt as you have possibility to get rid of your credit card debt legally. Your legal advisor must fill in a special application form properly and this application will go through several stages before it is rejected or accepted.

The first phase of this procedure will be the verification process. All your details must be submitted by your legal consultant and the credit card provider will analyze your information, you account balance and payment records and see the original picture and clear your debts. Legal consultants may mention smaller balance than it really is and they act like this to make your position more sympathetic as their client. When the real picture will be revealed it will be easier for you to stop paying your credit debts.

The second phase of the process reveals the reasoning. Then you will have to proof why you need your credit company allow you write off the major part of your credit and proof why you deserve it. For this your legal advisor must prepare a full set of arguments and factors and present them along with the application of negotiation. In this case your credit card provider will not reject your application form without necessary justification.

The most important and the largest phase of the negotiation procedure is the third part. If you want to stop paying your credit card debts this third part of the procedure must end in your favor. Your application form will be sent for removal or acceptance after the process of verification.

Some sum of money for your children’s education, or for a larger house, or a newer car will be saved if you stop your credit card debt payments. But to clear your accounts with the credit card provider you should not touch your savings. Some of the consumers do not pay their bills on purpose, they are so called intentional defaulters, but if you are not like they, and your chances to solve your financial problem will be higher. But if you have clear and healthy credit history, your credit card provider will let you stop paying your credit card debt.

There are several organizations to help consumers with their credit card debts and you may go there and ask for help.

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