Many of the web savvy Internet users will use or have used a hosting company. Whether that company provided website hosting, dedicated servers or virtual servers. Many people have good experience and also very poor ones. In fact many high street stores could learn a thing or two from web hosting companies who provide true 24/7 support at incredibly low prices. Although some of these companies can also be terrible at best.

The main thing to think of when writing hosting reviews is to be fair. By being in a bad with a company you normally fail to see the good points about a company rather than just the bad points and so loose focus. But even if your not angry, be active in what the hosting company has been good at. There is an old belief that customers only every tell people about bad companies and not about good companies and that is right. So if one of these hosting companies have been good with you, then you should give them the credit due. Keep in mind that the company your reviewing has got staff and directors that will work very hard and are affected by bad reviews. Only write a truly bad hosting review if its warranted.

Keep your review balanced and consistent They say a true test of how good a company is how they look after their customers when something goes wrong. Far too often customers jump down their hosting provider’s throat because of a little bit of downtime. What they perhaps don’t consider is on a £5 a month shared web hosting package, it is near impossible to have 100% up time. Datacentres can go offline, and then of course there are the internet pixies! So if your hosting company had problems, how did they deal with them? Communication is the key- did they keep you updated? When the problem was fixed, did they specify how they would avoid the problem in future?

Think long and hard about whether you are getting value for money. A lot of web hosting packages cost less than a packet of crisps these days, so think how far that goes to provide 24/7 support. So it may be unfair to criticise your provider if they do respond to issues in the early hours. They are probably therefore worthy of praise. Bad web hosting reviews might however be deserved for a business host costing thousands, who provide very basic, slow support.

Where should you write your review? Lots of web hosts operate their own forums where they invite you to post reviews. There are also forums that are dedicated to website hosting reviews. hosting reviews. Do consider though, a bad review might be deleted by a less scrupulous host!