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First, you need to identify a trading range using an ADX (Average Directional Index). If the reading on the ADX chart is below 20, it means that the market is consolidating. You can further confirm it with the DMI (Directional Movement Index). After confirming that the market is in a consolidating phase and trading between a range of something like 150 to 300 pips, you are ready for applying this trading strategy. When the market rallies towards the resistance level, big players like the large banks and financial institutions enter the market and start selling aggressively creating more sellers than buyers. Consequently prices fall.

Now get ready for selling near the resistance level as the market nears that level. Switch to a smaller timeframe like the 30 minutes or 60 minutes chart and look for the bearish candlestick pattern like the Hanging Man to appear. Appearance of the Hanging Man is a signal that the uptrend is about to end and the prices are about to start falling or the market is about to take U turn. Go short once you get that signal.

Now switch to the larger timeframe like the daily chart and look for the support on the trading range taking the ride back down to the support. Once the prices approach the support level, big banks and financial institutions will again jump into the market and this time start buying. This buying pressure will force the market to take a U turn again.

Again switch to a smaller timeframe like the 30 minutes or 60 minutes chart and wait for a bullish candlestick pattern like the Hammer to appear. Appearance of a Hammer signals that the market is about to take a U turn again. Once you spot the bullish candlestick pattern like the Hammer, go long.

This is a simple trading strategy that can be summarized by saying buy at the support and sell at the resistance. The beauty of this trading strategy lies in the fact that in case of a breakout taking place, there will be no candlestick pattern appearing telling you to buy or sell, this way you can trade the breakout as well. Trading a breakout can be highly profitable.