By means of certain exercises it is possible to open some intuitive channels (for example, nervous ways), connecting intuition with reason. Usual information flow between intuition and reason is broken by the hindrances caused by physical and mental anxiety. The complex of practical exercises weakens these impulses. Educational techniques direct intellectual and mental activity inside, help not to be sprayed on external irritants. And subconsciousness of the trader participates in forming of active decisions more and more. Gradually the trader starts to use intuition meaningly. Thus, meaningly changing a threshold of perception and internal orientation, it comes to internal opening.

Having learned the intuition mechanism, having learned to manage it, the trader will learn to look at will in the future with the big accuracy. The businessman, the stockbroker, the banker, any businessman without well developed intuition can’t simply become successful. When it is necessary to throw out, for example, shares in sale? With whom it is better to conclude the bargain? What project to credit? Whether new undertaking will make profit? Unless these and other questions continually meeting before businessmen, it is possible to solve without intuition?

As a result department of the intuitive information with our feelings and thinking which can be, but can and not to be correct, “the internal voice” becomes the useful tool for the trader. It is necessary to tell that intuition development is the higher step of intellectual and spiritual development of the person.

We can use intuition that is to feel better the inner world. In the same way, as an emotional lens through which we perceive ourselves and environment, for each of us the, our perception of spirituality is unique. Even if all will declare that they trust in the same God it will appear that the understanding of one person of God and belief differs from how others understand it other people. Depth of individual interpretation of belief promotes comprehension of spiritual depths by all people.

In usual life we use five sense organs: touch, sight, hearing, sense of smell, taste. Thanking to it we receive information. You have control over the book, read and receive the information from the sense organs: feel book weight, hear how the pages rustle when you turn them. Your eyes catch light reflected from page, it passes through a crystalline lens and stimulates receptors which, in turn, transfer the message on an optical nerve in a brain. The intuition perceives the world without a support on sense organs. In it its key difference consists. In an extreme antiquity, in the Stone Age, the intuition was necessary to our ancestors to survive among dangers of death in a world. For the history at the person the intelligence intensively developed. And today we aspire to rely on our advanced or civilized sense organs. However the most reliable those feelings are that have developed the first. Touch has appeared at us before sight and intelligence after. The nature prompts us on what we can count to survive. This purpose is served also by intuition.

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