Is it possible to earn by means of the Internet? Yes, it is possible. Certainly, earnings on the Internet are not reception of money from air but at the appendix of certain efforts it is more than real. Actually there are a lot of variants to earn money on the Internet. In this article I will try to give as much as possible full, but at the same time accessible to beginners review of possible methods of earnings on the Internet.

What ways of earnings which exist won’t be considered here? It is first of all the ways connected with the organization of the business – sale of the goods through the Internet, paid services (for example, consultations of the psychologist), granting of paid access and etc. They well approach to the information for the businessman or for the expert in certain area but for the usual Internet user they are inaccessible. Secondly, I won’t consider the ways connected with use of any not so lawful methods (for example, the organization for money of attacks for another’s sites, spam sending and etc.) or a deceit of other Internet users. In the third, we will not consider risky ways of “earnings”, like game on Forex or investments in HYIP-funds. At last, I won’t write here about such ways of earnings because I consider it too specific or doubtful, for example, sale of info products.
It is necessary to mean that it is a review, here again earnings kinds on the Internet will be described short enough. However in more details about each of earning money variants (for example, sale of references from the site and etc.) you can read in separate articles.

So, how to earn having the computer, access to the Internet and free time?
In the beginning we will consider simple ways of earnings on the Internet not demanding any experience and special knowledge.
1) Cliques under references, paid surfing, reading of advertizing letters and etc. If to look for the sites telling about ways of earnings on the Internet it will appear that there are a lot of them, especially, placed on free hostings. It is possible to “earn” thus not a lot and that is only under the condition that you have the limitless Internet.

2) Paid registration, participations in polls, a writing of messages at forums with payment for posts. Some services (especially western) pay to you absolutely a little bit that you are registered at them, owners of some forums pay (also very much a little bit) that you communicate at these forums, and some corporations decide to conduct, from time to time, any marketing research and with that end will organize polls to which participants the small sum is paid for questionnaire filling. Though these ways a little bit less senseless than what are listed in the first point you thus will earn the same not much.

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