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“Hi Chris,
Thanks for this I found it really interesting as although I’m not going to take up your great offer it re enforced to me exactly how I trade FX 10- 20 pips targets per day 5 lots at a time I’m in most trades for no more than 20 minutes, which has and is producing really well for me and I average around 400 pips a month total working for a couple of hours a day, this concept is exactly how I view the markets, get in get out enjoy your life.

So if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

I spent a good couple of years trying to be in everything checking the markets all the time feeling like I missed out etc. now it’s great I’m in and out banked and done, the reason for the email is that I hope more Forex traders adopt this philosophy and stop doing like I did trying to chase every pip going it’s not good for your health! And also invariably it just fills your broker’s coffers not yours!

Keep up the good work and thanks for the updates.

That’s what I like to hear, an independent trader who has got a plan…

To read the rest of this reply and my summary or what you need to remember at all times, go to my blog post .There is also a video below this post where James also shares some very good insights. Ok, maybe you missed my suggestion that you try out James’s free trial period before going live yourself. One of the most difficult aspects of trading to master is the transition from demo to live trading. Other then The-Traders-Mindset, this is the next real challenge you face.

Well I have just sat in on one of his live trading sessions and this is really an important step on your journey to building confidence as a successful trader. If you haven’t already done so, then make sure you give it a go… Those guys have made some seriously good money recently. Do yourself a favour and at least just pop your head in and have a look, it’s really fun watching them trading live.