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Chris: I’m sure by now you are starting to get the picture? Well you are not alone, here are some comments I have received from clients who bought The-Traders-Mindset…

“Hi Chris

The best I’ve seen. Your history makes it so easy to understand and you make it so important to trade the way you tell us to do.

“Hi Chris,
I jumped ahead to the next one; I can see that this is going to be a fantastic course; I hesitated a little but my gut told me that I needed to balance the scales; I have spent so much on “systems” and it is now time to address the “other” and much more important side of the coin. Great stuff; this first look at the material tells me that this IS going to be the most important decision in my trading career. Well done; keep it up. And why do you keep talking about me and my trading experience??!!

“Hi Chris,

I am very impressed with your material. Great job!

“Dear Chris

Thank you very much indeed for the great course! I do feel that even if the Trader’s Mindset course had ended with Step 3, it would still have been worth every cent.

I think that your presentation style is great and the material is well reinforced with analogies, illustrations and examples. Although I am fairly well acquainted with the material that you have covered so far in the course (although ‘well acquainted’ does not imply that I have “mastered” it), you do have a great ability to not only bring the material across in a fresh, direct way and challenging way, bit also to hold my undivided attention. During those periods when I have been listening to your video presentations, many friends’ phone calls have gone unanswered. (If only they knew!) I guess that is a start to staying focussed and being “in the zone”. Keep up the good work – I am really enjoying it.”

And when I specifically asked for criticism….

“Hi Chris,
Just digging into lesson 3 now and I gotta tell you that I love the CCR intro! Great job mate! the trade planner is good stuff! are you using the daily chart to get the levels you show in the video? comfort zone is so true………………great points that being comfortable can be deadly! “great American dream” i kinda thought your accent is from jersey ………….. didn’t know u are a wanky yank mate!

VIDEO 8 WAS SIMPLY SUPERB! ditto for video 9 Wish I had some criticism for you here mate but i like everything you’ve done so far! Ok so enough (I seriously have hundreds more) I am sure you get the picture. There is no decision to make really. By making the commitment you will be ratcheting up your trading to a whole new level of supreme confidence today.