By Richard Appel Jr.

As the bell sounds in Wall Street, that’s where all the action begins! People crowding through monitors, Traders promoting their investment plan from Penny Stocks to long-term investment plans and Brokers handing out unique Trading hand signals as if it serves like a war room more than ten times the size of a normal boardroom. It looks interesting when we see them work their way on selling and buying stocks but how do we keep ourselves aware if we are putting our investments with the right Team?

It all has to start with proper and extensive research. This doesn’t mean that reading an investment magazine will do the dirty work but you have to dig deep with details on how to start small and ending big with your investments. For starters, investors are presented at an offer that even a fifth grader can afford and start investing as well. These are called Penny Stocks. These are shares that are offered by investment companies at $5.00 or less. The overall definition doesn’t have to do with the total dividends that you can earn but having such stocks it can give you several options on how to start investing with such small amount per share. Some companies have made an initiative of selling this type of stocks to reach out to their consumers from the lower market. This can be an effective way of buying more stocks with lesser money to be shelled out.

On the flip side, Penny Stocks are generally considered to be high risk due to the lack of liquidity, small capitalization and limited disclosure terms. They can be usually traded over the counter which adds the risk factor of getting one. Stocks at a smaller cost are very difficult to trade as compared to Blue Chips. They do gain a lot in the market yet they are still considered volatile since their values do behave erratically.

These are also used by bogus investors in Pump and Dump schemes which makes it more complicated. With the advent of technology it can be hard to distinguish genuine stocks to potential Blue Chips. As the concept states, Pump and Dump works on selling small value stocks at a rate when you can earn more investments every time it “Pumps” up due to a very high demand. It is when the stock reaches a peak when bogus investors would “Dump” the stock by lessening Stock Promotion strategies thus dropping its value to the point that an investor would take a significantly less amount to the projected investment. This practice usually leaves the investor 100% odds of having the money taken away from them.

Avoiding this practice starts with prevention. It is better to get stocks from major players since they do provide lower investment terms for starters and can even have investor friendly Penny Stock packages that can be available from bigger markets. Scammed Penny Stocks are usually transacted through small markets it would be best not to invest much and rather consult with a Market expert before starting a transaction.

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