The trader Lee Gettess pays attention to the risks control as a primary factor of the success on goods markets. However, Lee Gettess has got acquainted with the markets of commodity futures when he by phone was called by one broker. «He has told to me as the Lobster Sharif made fifty million dollars in the futures marketand begun only with 50 thousand», — tells Gettess. According to the broker, the same law shown in the market of sugar and it allowed him to get a lump of money. «So that I have given to him 10 thousand dollars, and after three weeks it has returned me three thousand, — tells Gettess. – But I have understood that if it is possible so fast to lose money it is possible as fast them to earn». He has started studying futures markets.

At that time Gettess attended to computers. «I tried to read everything that came across, also the technical analysis I liked much more. Probably, at me the left hemisphere» is mainly developed.

He “has slightly tried” to attend to trading in the mid-eighties, but was completely switched to off-exchange trading on October, 12th, 1987, some days before share market crash. «The only thing that I knew, is there was trading S&P», — tells Gettess. However, crash especially has not mentioned it. «I was not on that part of the market and lost some great money. However, you can lower the loss, to be absolutely wrong, and as a result to congratulate himself that all was received correctly», — he speaks, meaning an exit from the bargain during correct time and the control of risks. «I presumed loss of one and a half thousand dollars. It was the good bargain», — adds Gettess.

«Then all to me said that the goods market is very risky, and it is precisely necessary to keep aloof from S&P, therefore I have decided them to attend. It is necessary to be there where there are basic events where there is a potential possibility of profit, but a problem of the trader – to supervise risk», — he explains.

Lee Gettess used the computer knowledge for working out within several years over hundred systems, including also one trading systems that calls Volpat which journal Futures Truth named «one of ten best systems for trading of all times». Lee Gettess speaks: «Volatility – is necessary for active market. If the market does not fluctuate, money will not come». It is possible to try every possible combination, — he approves. – One of laws is the big activity of outsiders, closing on lows, — market beliefs say that all it is very similar to the bear tendencies.

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