Have you been considering the possibility of building up your personal money and finances by trading stocks online? There are a ton of choices you could make when looking for the best online trading services that are available. This article will provide you with enough share market tips to help you make a solid decision and choice.

When it comes to the most commonly chosen online stock trading systems and companies to use, it is really a personal preference as there are many solid options for making investments and buying stocks online. We have listed five of what we consider to be the absolute best in online stock market trading and investing.

* Scottrade – This stock trading company only charges $7 for market, limit and options trades. How can you go wrong with this? This is very appealing to anyone who likes to make a lot of stock trades and investments. Plus, Scottrade has outstanding customer service standing by willing to help answer any and all questions that you may have. Stottrade also has over 400 store locations nationwide.
* E-Trade – E-Trade seems to be geared more toward the investor with a large account and lots of stock trading activity. That being said, be sure to check them out and see if they may be right for your investing and trading needs.
* TD Ameritrade – TD Ameritrade has been around since 1975 and offers you access to over 13,000 mutual funds, bonds, CDs, options and stocks.
* Charles Schwab – Offers a good all around investing package for investors. With only 1k required to open an account and no account service fees you can get the stock trading ball rolling quickly.
* Share Builder – Over 7 thousand stocks and ETFs, and $4 stock buying with automatic investing… Share Builder will help you figure out what your risk tolerance is and help you choice how to purchase your stocks if you wish. This is a great tool provided for free by Share Builder and really allows you to hone in exactly how you want your money to be invested. Are you interested in medium risk investing for example? Share Builder actually holds your hand step by step and helps you walk through the process of basically developing a sound investing strategy that you can be proud of. How can you possibly go wrong with this company? This is an editors favorite and one that we strongly suggest to anyone who is new to online trading or share building!

The above stock trading companies and services represent some of the smartest choices for stock trading online in our humble opinion. Any one of the five stock market trading companies above is a safe play in our opinion and will provide a solid foundation for your investing and trading goals.

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