Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets FREE. Discover the top 10 Forex Robot World Cup Ranked Robots- #1 Ranked Robot is already 156.96% up in profit in just 11 days. Learn Fibonacci Retracement. Mark Larsen on his Million Dollar Forex Challenge: I’ve got a lot of emails about my Forex Million Dollar Challenge from my fellow traders! Everyone seems to be very interested to see if I fail or succeed in accomplishing the goal!

In case you missed it – Here is my mission – to turn a $5000 trading account into 1 Million Dollars by trading only automated forex robots. I have cherry picked the best performing robots from over 300 commercial systems and placed them on my broker trading account.

After 3 weeks my balance is up to $13354.2 which is 167% profit in 3 weeks! Incredible! I am serious on my goal to reach 1 Million asap!

—–My Settings———-

Everyone is asking me to share my settings. Here they are:
1. Fapturbo is traded on old 48th version. I have not upgraded this account yet. I trade EURGBP, GBPCHF, USDCAD and EURCHF. EURGBP seems unstable on these market conditions so I use it with smaller lot size. Fapturbo EURCHF seems to be very good at the moment.
2. Megadroid works on EURUSD. I use advance droid tactics for it.
3. EB Turbo works on EURUSD as well on aggressive settings.
4. Fx Nuke works on default settings
5. Robominer trades AUDNZD on default settings.
That’s all folks. If I make any changes, I will update you in the next newsletter!

—-If you follow me——-

In case you follow me please remember that you must use safe money management! Never risk the way I do! Use proper lot size recommended by the robot vendor!

eToro has released a new version of our groundbreaking platform with a new exciting feature: micro lot trading. Micro lots enable traders to buy and sell smaller amounts of currency with each trade. Whereas a standard mini lot contains 10,000 currency units a mini lot is comprised of only 1,000 currency units. Practically speaking, what that means for eToro’s Bronze account traders (eToro’s standard beginner account), is that they can now open trades with as little as $2.5 of initial investment! Example: 1,000 units of EUR/USD divided by a leverage of X400 will result in a $2.5 trade amount needed to open such a trade. This will enable our Bronze account traders to open TEN TIMES MORE TRADES!

With micro lot trading, your traders can open more trades and practice better money management with smaller investments. With a $100 deposit, they can now invest as little as 2.5% of their balance capital for each trade, instead of having to invest 25% with a minimum $25 trade. The feature is sure to have massive appeal to novice traders who are just starting out in forex, because now with a small deposit of $50 in their eToro account, traders can get a lot more market action for their money.