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This is what Mark McRae has to say: Have you ever met someone who just didn’t care what people thought of them? You know, someone who is so down to earth he just tells it as he sees it? That’s Russ Horn. If he doesn’t like something he will tell you straight to your face. He is also no stranger to hardship, if you knew his story you would have a lot of respect for this guy.

I think that’s why he is one of my favorite traders. He has an almost cult following among people who use his system. Probably because he goes out of his way to help them. Anyway, I just thought I would share a little history about Russ. Now listen up – he’s put together a brilliant report on how to use “Divergence” in your trading. This includes “hidden divergence”, which I bet most of you have never heard of. Let’s just say neither has 99.9% of the trading world, which is why it is so powerful. There nothing to buy or sign up for, just a great technique that you simply have to have. I once developed a very profitable trading method using just divergence, there’s no reason you can’t do the same thing: