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Bill Poulos: Here’s why you should believe me. I’ve never made outlandish and unrealistic expectations, unlike many other educators who promise overnight riches, and then some. I tell you the sobering reality about trading and teach you my philosophy of “getting rich SLOWLY”, while protecting your portfolio with strong risk management principles at all times. That’s certainly not as exciting as hearing you can retire tomorrow, but it’s the truth, and I’m sticking by it. Since I began training people how to trade online way back in 2001, it seems like I receive ‘thank you’ emails from happy students almost daily, like this one from Steve R. in Enumclaw, Washington, who had this to say about Market Mastery:

“I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the Market Mastery program and to let you know how much I have learned. I am very much enjoying it… I have not had many questions for you on these programs, and I believe it’s because you have done such an excellent job of putting the material together and presenting it in a way that makes it easy to learn. Thank you Bill for giving me my money’s worth and then some with these programs!”

Plus, many of my students own 2, 3, 4, or more of my other training courses. They KEEP COMING BACK to me for their trading education.

Finally, here’s why you should join me today as a student of my Market Mastery Protege Program. I’m closing the enrollment page on Tuesday, June 22, at 11:59pm Eastern (New York time). I do this so I can focus on my new students and give them the attention they deserve. I’ve always done this when I do a major product release, and I just think it’s the fair thing to do.

So, if you come back to the enrollment page on Wednesday, you will see a “Sorry, Sold Out” message. The current enrollment fee for Market Mastery is the LOWEST it’s ever been, and frankly, I did this as a test to see if the lower price would help any remaining “fence sitters” to join me.

So far it’s been working better than expected, and that’s why I’m closing down the enrollment page so soon on Tuesday. Also, the bonus 8 group coaching sessions you get for no additional cost will likely never be offered again in this fashion. You will end up paying a LOT more for them in the future if I ever decide to offer them again.

So there you have it. You are getting an INSANE amount of step-by-step trading “know how” based on my 35+ years of “hard knocks” experience in the markets for an embarrasingly low fee of what breaks down to about $2.74 per day over a year. (Your daily coffee probably costs more than that.) The only reason I can think you would NOT want to take part in my Market Mastery Protege Program is if you’re already making more money than you can handle right now… OR, maybe you’re looking for a “holy grail” system that requires zero effort on your part and that automatically deposits gobs of cash in your account while you sleep… and if you indeed do find that “holy grail”, please let me know because I would like to use it, too:-)

Finally, remember that you really don’t even need to decide today if you want to stick with my Market Mastery Protégé Program. You can just say MAYBE, try it out for 60 days, and see how it “fits” your trading personality & style. Don’t like it? Send it back.