Turn $200 into $100K in just 3 months with this Penny Stock Picking System. Discover Chris Rowe’s Options GPS-the ultimate Stock Options Trading Course. Chris was already a millionaire while still in his 20s when he quit Wall Street. Read the story of Richard Samuels, a post office mailman with a head injury who made a fortune with these Forex Signals! Geoff Bysshe, Co-Founder, MarketGauge: TONIGHT’s Market Pressure Points Course has a NO-RISK OFFER because we don’t want you to regret missing it! Never Before, and No Plans To Repeat It… We have never offered Strategies & Tactics courses with the ability to see the whole thing – everything – and then have the option to pay nothing! I don’t want you to miss TONIGHT’s Strategies & Tactics, “Market Pressure Points,” class because… Tonight has at least 4 unique opportunities…

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2. You’ll experience a powerful interactive teaching method – you’ll be given exercises and quizzed to make sure you understand this trading strategy completely (see “Teaching Method” details below).
3. You’ll get a new day-trading strategy – this is a day trading strategy that gives you trades in every market condition, with even bigger trades now in today’s volatile markets. (see “share our luck” details below)
4. Plus, you’ll learn the 8 steps Scott takes to build any trading strategy ! These are steps you should be applying before you execute any trades – even your current strategies! (see “Over The Top” details below)

In addition, we want to share our good luck…
Because of the recent drop in the market, I’m feeling lucky that the “Market Pressure Points” course is happening TONIGHT. This volatility is perfect for trading the natural expansion and contraction phases of market activity .

This means that the Pressure Points trading strategy will lead to even bigger trades right now! Do you remember the big swings in the markets of ’08 and early ’09? Did you have a good way to trade those big swings?

Market Pressure Points has the “tight stops & let your winners run” tactics that enable you to trade confidently in volatile markets . I don’t think we’re going back to those crazy days of the ’08 – ’09 crash and recovery, but… Whether the market merely continues down to the 200-day moving average, or bounces back to new highs, either way represents a big move. And that means there will be a lot of great intra-day “Market Pressure Point” trades.

Tonight’s Powerful Teaching Method Will Increase Your Success
This course will be taught as an “interactive workshop”. This means you get a checklist that will guide you through the strategy. You’ll be given recent set-ups for you to evaluate so you can test your understanding.

Don’t worry – this an easy to execute strategy , and the check list only has 3 main points! Of course there are details involved with each point so you completely understand how to get in, take profits and exit safely.

Get The 8 System Building Steps! Scott’s Going Over The Top For You Here… Scott Landers, your instructor tonight, has traded for over 20 years and created many trading strategies for his personal trading and the hedge funds he advises.

Over the last 20 years Scott has developed a process of 8 steps that he takes to develop any strategy. Tonight you’ll get these 8 steps !

He doesn’t need to share this tonight for you to succeed trading Market Pressure Points, but he will because this strategy is perfect for any trader who wants to elevate their trading to a professional level with a rules based approach that works in any market condition. Tonight you’ll develop an understanding of these 8 steps to system building which will:

1. Help you succeed with the Market Pressure Points strategy, and
2. Improve your trading of any other strategy you have currently or build in the future !

You can attend the whole course, learn everything, and then be able to decide if all that we’ve packed into this Strategies & Tactics course will improve your trading dramatically!

If you’re not sure that we’ve just made a big difference in your trading, simply send us an email before midnight to get a complete refund – no restrictions other than the time deadline. We need the midnight deadline because we can’t distribute the recordings, which can not be returned, until the guarantee period ends.

YES it will all be recorded so you’ll also have a complete recording of everything to view and review at your convenience. Best wishes for your trading!