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Geoff Bysshe, Co-Founder, MarketGauge says: **The January JumpStart for Traders** kicks off today! It’s a 4-part “Best of MarketGauge” training package designed to give you the strategy, planning, tool and coaching you need to make 2010 a profitable trading year. This is your chance to sample 4 of the premium services that set MarketGauge apart from all other trading educators for one low low price.

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Here’s what you get:

Experience the Opening Range – Our “Opening Range Success Formula” members are getting a special in-depth training session and you’re invited. Now you can join us for a full morning live-in-the-market training on trading the opening range – the most reliable, powerful and profitable trading strategy we’ve ever used for leveraging quick A.M. trades. This session alone is comparable to a full course on how to day trade the first half of the day. Yurs on January 27th!

#2 A PLAN.
Experience Mish’s Market Minute – Market analyst Michele Schneider’s daily video newsletter shows you how to identify profitable opportunities to trade when the market opens the next day. PLUS you get to follow along with Mish on Twitter as her trade suggestions unfold throughout the day. Yours starting Jan 11th!

#3 A TOOL.
Experience HotScans – our proprietary, one-of-a-kind, stock selection tool. You get full use of HotScans PLUS access to detailed recorded training on how and when to use it. Yours immediately when you register for **January JumpStart**!

Experience the Masters Suite and watch HotScans in action in the pre-market and end of the day. Navigate intra-day market conditions guided by two of MarketGauge’s most experienced master traders. Includes 4 hours of training over two days and that’s just to start!
Yours Feb 2 (live-in-the-morning-market) & Feb 3 (afternoon session)!
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Here’s the equation:
A Strategy + Planning + Tool + Coaching = Your Jumpstart to Trading Independence…

Sound like a lot? It is a lot!

That’s why we’d like you attend an informational Webinar next Wednesday, Jan 13, so that 4 of MarketGauge’s master traders can describe all the JumpStart’s features for you in detail. Of course, you can register for **January JumpStart** right away and get started with HotScans immediately. Your choice.

Just don’t forget to attend the complimentary Webinar to learn about all the many ways your trading is going to benefit from this month.Remember: this is one of the most attractive offers we’ve ever assembled. Not only is the price low low low to start with, but you can apply it toward any course or tool subscription we have going forward. Registration is open for – The **January Jumpstart** complimentary informational Webinar is Wednesday, Jan. 13, 9 – 10 pm ET. Join us as 4 MarketGauge traders – together for the first time – share the excitement of this 4-part training with you. Or, register for the trading JumpStart right now and start finding trading opportunities all day long using HotScans.