Get these three FREE stock trading reports and discover a Stock Trading Course that can make you rich in 2010. Get the Ultimate Swing Trading Software FREE. Learn Fibonacci Retracement! Geoff Bysshe, President, MarketGauge: I just posted it… It’s full of trading insight that’s yours for the taking. I’m talking about the recording of the exciting **January Jumpstart** Webinar we held earlier this week. However, it expires when we close the registration on Tues. Jan 19th!

++ Market analyst Michele Schneider kicked things off by describing how she uses MarketGauge’s tool, the Nugget’s List, to identify swing and mini-swings trading opportunities. She shared a great trade with Green Mountain Coffee, rated a very bullish stock this week.

Mish takes us through the QQQQ, daily, and intra-day charts she featured in her video about GMRC, and describes how she used Twitter to communicate when to get in and get out as the trade unfolded.
• (Mish’s premium video newsletter Mish’s Market Minute, her private follow up tweets, and the tools Nugget’s List & ETF Monitor are yours immediately when you enroll in the **January Jumpstart**.)

++ Hedge fund consultant Scott Landers was up next to introduce us to the Masters Suite’s pre-market and live-in-the-market coaching.
Focusing on charts showing CTRP, Scott describes how he uses HotScan’s stock selection capabilities to both put together a trading plan early in the day as well to determine what’s setting up late in the day.
• (You’ll get to work with both Scott and me in 2 sessions of the Masters Suite early next month as part of the ** January Jumpstart**.)
++ Keith Schneider, MarketGauge’s CEO, goes next, introducing us to the opening range strategy as a road map to trading the market.

He shows us a recent quick A.M. trade involving AAPL. He demonstrates how the opening range strategy can improve your day trading using floor traders’ pivots to gauge the sentiment of the market.
• (Registering for **January Jumpstart** gains you entry to a 4-hr live coaching session on the opening range scheduled for Jan. 27th. The live session – a feature of our Opening Range Success Formula – will teach key elements of quick A.M. trades.)

Coming after those three powerhouse traders was a hard act to follow, but someone had to do it!

++ I wrap up the Webinar with a quick overview of our proprietary stock selection tool, HotScans. I describe the tool’s unique way of looking at pre and post market data that features gauges for price and relative volume.

Taking you through all of HotScans’ pre-set scans — from Gapping Bulls and Gapping Bears in the morning to Stocks Consolidating at S2 in the afternoon — I conclude with my own personal favorite: the “Big Volume for the Day” scan.
• (Full use of HotScans, and all our recorded training on how to use the tool to find unusual price and volume trading opportunities, is yours as soon as you join **January JumpStart**.)

So, that’ what you missed in this week’s Webinar!

Only you can still get it (until midnight Tuesday -1/19)

Set aside a half hour to listen to the recording right now. As you can tell, it contains a ton of great insight for your trading.
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It’s all part of this month’s equation:
A Strategy + Planning + Tool + Coaching = Your Jumpstart to Trading Independence… We’d never done a webinar like this before, so it was especially nice to see attendees so appreciative of this new approach to demonstrating how we can help traders! I think you’ll agree, so check it out now. I can only leave it up until we close the registration on Tues. Jan 19th because of the special pricing and discounts offered in it.