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Up 40% In Last Year’s Crash
A little over a year ago, my Gameplan For Wealth told me that danger was imminent. It didn’t tell me where it was coming from. It just said: Get out! I wrote to my subscribers that very evening. SELL. Sell to the walls. Sell down to the studs in the walls. And do it as quickly as you can without being disorderly. I won many fans that day. Those who acted on my warning could have been spared the agony of seeing their hard-earned wealth disappear. The Dow lost 40% in that Crash. But my subscribers made nearly 40%. They are reading this message carefully today, just as you are, I trust.

Here’s How My Gameplan for Wealth Leaves Nothing to Chance! The next 90 days represents one of the best opportunities in the last 9 years to make considerable money. But it is also one of the most dangerous times in the last generation. To lend specificity to my point, when you join me as Charter Subscriber to Mastering the Markets, I will give you a list of 41 blue chip stocks I would sell immediately. The name of this report is 41 Dead Blues and it is FREE. You may be surprised by some of the names you see on this list. But when you see my reasoning, you will be left with no doubt as to what you should do. My Gameplan for Wealth looks at the dangers first. But then it examines the opportunities and my second gift to you today is a report that lays out a detailed Gameplan For Wealth. The Doubler Game-Plan/1Q 2010 report is also FREE when you become one of my first 1,000 Charter Subscribers to Mastering the Markets.

This is the gameplan that worked LAST year
And it is the game plan that doubled my own portfolio in the tech bust of 2001-4. Today, I want you to have it. Both reports, 100 Dead Blues, and The Doubler Game Plan/1Q 2010 are now available FREE when you join me at Mastering the Markets.

I’m NOT another stock picker
Plenty of people think they can “pick” stocks. Sure. Fire enough bullets in the air and you’ll hit a bird and you can call yourself a “hunter.” Me, like I said, I’m methodical. I need a game plan. So do you. If a plan that can beat the market 2-to-1, year in, year out from now on sounds interesting, read on. I’ll name some stocks but — more importantly — I’ll introduce you to some investing techniques and a handful of strategies that potentially can reduce exposure to risk and leave return in. Intrigued? Read on.

The Rally’s Dead –Long Live Our Doubles!
Call it a bull, call it a bear market rally, call it whatever you like, but I call it OVER. You should, too. In the next 90 days, as more and more of us dive in, more and more of us probably will lose money. There are many reasons for this but none of them matter, because our goal is to identify stocks every month that have the potential to generate big profits. We must buy and sell decisively as opportunities and pricing inefficiencies open and close.
We must always buy more earnings with fewer dollars
We must be prepared to use leveraged short ETFs that are easy to trade
We must think like a fundamentalist but trade like a technician
We must use cash like a soldier uses his store of ammunition.
We must jump into sectors that are flying — and jump out before they crest.