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Two Quick Points

1) Bob’s Forex Classroom Enrollment is Closing

As many of you know, Bob will be closing down access to the Pre-Recorded version of Bob’s Forex Classroom in the very near future. If you haven’t already taken this step-by-step course that teaches Bob’s strategy, money management and risk exposure education then your window of opportunity is closing.

Bob is hailed as the leader in providing Forex education with integrity, expertise and ease of understanding. Why else would the major financial networks like CNBC, Fox Business Channel and Bloomberg Television ask him to appear week in and week out? Go ahead, Google Bob and see one of his TV interviews.

To get info on what the course covers, including a full syllabus for content and topics, email Bob’s team. They can be reached by emailing and can answer your questions about Bob’s course and Bob’s daily webinar service, Trader Outlook.

2) Trader Outlook LIVE in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 10/15/10

Bob Iaccino will be appearing LIVE in Grand Rapids, Michigan in October. Registration is limited to allow for questions and answers directly with Bob, so email his Live Event team at for more info. Attendees will receive proprietary software and content created by Bob, as well as a Forex presentation that is bound to change the way you view your Forex trading forever.

Here’s a Wrap Up:

1) Bob’s Classroom is only available for a short time. Thousands of Forex traders have seen the light on the Forex market thanks to this program. Take Control of Your Trading! Email

2) See Bob Iaccino LIVE in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 10/15/10 for an event that will empower you with the insight and expertise of a 17 year market veteran. Bob is constantly asked by the Financial Media to weigh in on market activity and direction because he is an expert at Trader Outlook and speaks to the everyman. Entertaining, informative and useful…you will walk away from this event a better Forex trader. Email for the details. We’ll see you there!