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NOT EVERYONE WILL GET AN INVITATION TO WATCH IT. Even people on his email list… Only a fraction of his readers will get an invitation. Why is it good news… while it’s supposed to be released TODAY? Because the sole reason for this delay is that James decided to ADD another component to the methodology. The bottom line… you’ll get his entire “Money is Plentiful” unique and unexposed approach to trading the markets…

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There has been some MAJOR turmoil in the FX trading scene in the last couple of days. It’s been less than 72 hours since I mentioned I’d finally be talking about the Freedom Formula… and already the forums and message boards are going crazy. Whatever happened to keeping things a secret?Anyway – here’s my official response:

Yes… it IS TRUE.

There are currently 15 members of the Inner Sanctum… the only people in the WORLD that know the Freedom Formula…besides me. Here’s the deal: Only FIFTEEN people in the WORLD were selected to learn the jealously guarded Freedom Formula in December of last year. Maybe you remember when this happened. I accepted applications from people all over the world… and personally show them the truly secret FX trading tactics that even my best friends don’t know exist –

Over TWO HUNDRED people applied in a space of just 30 minutes …and one person even offered me $100,000.00 to be included. (He wasn’t.) After going over EVERY application, I chose 15 traders … each paid $7,000 and I changed their lives forever. These lucky individuals have reported back, and the results have been STAGGERING. It turns out this is much more powerful than I could have possibly imagined.


Because I’m constantly getting hounded about the Freedom Formula …I’ve decided to let a SELECT FEW people learn more about it. Tomorrow May 25th 2010… I’m going to a brand-new video that will give you a little pre-Freedom-Formula tidbit. In truth, it’ll give you a totally unique approach to trading the markets. I call it the “Money is Plentiful” methodology. And it’ll open your eyes to a lot of opportunities. It’ll be PARADIGM-SHIFTING.

What’s a Paradigm… you ask? In the words of Stephen R. Covey, one of a few people I’d enjoy sharing the stage with: “The way an individual perceives, understands, and interprets the surrounding world. A mental map.” But like I said yesterday… NOT EVERYONE CAN GET IN ON THIS. I’m only inviting a select few people on this list to check it out.


Be on the lookout tomorrow (that’s Tuesday May 25th) for an email from me. The subject will say something like PERSONAL INVITATION …If you get this email, then you’ll


Not more than 72 hours ago, I mentioned that I’d *finally* give out a little information about
the Freedom Formula to a select group….And I asked that everyone keep it under wraps. Anyway – SOMEBODY TALKED …AGAIN. It’s already been posted on blogs, forum boards, and email lists. Listen – one of the reasons the Freedom Formula is so effective is because NOBODY knows about it.

I want to keep it that way. Plus, like I said yesterday, it’s like you have a nuclear weapon. Very powerful …but very dangerous….Especially in the wrong hands. So …one more time … PLEASE KEEP THIS WHOLE THING BETWEEN US. If you missed any episode of this sage release of the “Greatest FX System”, let me bring you up to speed.