I recently wrote several articles looking at the new business model sweeping the internet utilizing the concept of “paid social networking”. Now just recently launched is a new social networking site called My-Espn. The actual full name is My Extraordinary Social Paying Network. It gained instant popularity in August when it signed up around 10,000 members in its first few days and has had slow steady growth since then. While a social network for internet marketers is not a very new concept, My-ESPN does have some significant differences from sites like Aachoo or Swom.

One major difference is that My-Espn is free to sign up for and does not have an option to upgrade. While they state they may have paid services in the future, right now the only way to unlock bonuses in your account is to refer 10 people. The main goal of My Extraordinary Social Paying Network is to bring together groups of online marketers to both join affiliate programs all at once and to get in on the program very early. Along with the My-Espn social network platform that allows marketers to interact with each other in a micro-blogging format, networkers all join together to vote on which opportunity to sign up with and promote, creating an automatic team and filling any forced matrix almost immediately.

Those facts along with the overall purpose of they site leads me to believe that My-Espn is not a scam and the owner has no malicious intentions. My-Espn is a program from internet marketer Sherm Mason. Who, according to him has been in the business for 12 years and is responsible for programs like Cruise to Cash, The Secret Pays and numerous other MLM style businesses and cash gifting programs. While Sherm Mason has raised far less red flags than most internet marketers I’ve researched, I did manage to find one troubling connection. According to several sources on the internet, Sherm Mason and his “The Secret Pays” business was linked to a scam perpetuated by a company call Brixdale Inc.

Brixdale was a company that invented a financial maneuver called an Inverse Mortgage in which home owners would be able to pay off their 30 year mortgage in under a year. In 2006 New York state received a judgment against the company calling it an illegal pyramid scheme – http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2006/06/ny_brixdale.html. It appears that Sherm Mason was a sales consultant for Brixdale and that Brixdale was involved in the launch of The Secret Pays affiliate program. Also here is a link that explains more about Inverse Mortgages – http://healthstip.com/fine/zo9101257055u21/m841220454

While I don’t see My Espn as a scam, one should always be on the lookout for a bait and switch business strategy and be wary if a company starts asking for money out of the blue for a previously free program. Always be aware of any increases in spam and record any websites and their owners that you give your information to. As with any online marketing program, information is fluid and changes rapidly, this page will not be updated, so for new information on whether My Espn or other programs are scams visit our Online Marketing & Scam Alert Forum. All that being said, as red flags on internet marketers go, these were relatively benign, I’m prepared to call this site worth your time.

The main reason I would give this site a try is that the concept is very sound. In any type of referral system, whether it’s a forced matrix or not, every marketer who has had any type of success knows that the higher and earlier you enter the program, the better. With programs that have multiple levels of referrals this is especially important, when both your list and the lists of your first level referrers haven’t heard of a program, it makes getting sign ups very quick and easy. Every guru will tell you (or intentionally hide from you) that they were all successful because they were at the top or beginning of certain programs. That’s the ultimate goal of My Espn to get in early and fill out your first referral levels quickly. Other reasons why I think this program shows promise are the free bonuses you receive for referring ten people and the ability to promote yourself or whatever program you want on their micro blogging social network platform.

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