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Here was some Wall Street “fat cat” telling everybody that they’re doing everything wrong and bragging about how as a professional trader for a huge bank he made more in one trade than most “day traders” make in a year. But then I calmed down and thought about it for a little while, and what I realized was that this Nick Lombardi guy was actually onto something I had always suspected but never had proof:

The forex market most investors are playing in is not much better than a casino! That’s what Nick is basically saying, but fortunately he’s not stopping there…He’s now giving away the same system he was forced to develop from scratch after the big banks cut him a pink slip… and the feedback is already pretty incredible, check it out now: I mean, I have nothing against casinos – and in fact, casinos play a role in the whole story of how Nick finally ended up figuring out how to re-build himself as a hot-shot trader all on his own – but personally I’m in the forex market to make a living, not gamble. If I’m gambling, I want to be doing it on purpose…

So even though I thought I knew a thing or two about how the forex market works, this guy really threw me for a loop, and I have to admit I’m now one of the many traders who are literally scrapping their existing trading “businesses” and starting from scratch as a result of what this guy has got to say. And you know what? It’s a little scary, but I think 2010’s going to end up being my most profitable year on record. If you haven’t checked out Forex Ripper for yourself yet, make sure you do it right now, while it’s on your mind – go there NOW: