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Headlines like these are lighting up the airwaves…

‘The Economy is on the Mend…’

‘Now That the Recession is Over…’

‘Stocks to Help You Profit From the Recovery…’

… and blinding a lot of people to what’s really in front of them. This is why you should turn off the TV when you’re making important decisions about your money. There are many good investment opportunities that are ripe for the picking right now, but Wall Street is happy to shield you from anything that doesn’t fatten their pocketbooks. To be a successful investor or trader, you have to be a contrarian. You can’t just buy-and-hope — stocks are going to soar and sink, and you must be flexible enough to jump on the trend and hold on tight, no matter in which direction it’s going. One of the easiest ways to make money is when stocks are standing still! Find out how >>

So … What About That Recovery?

The market goes up a few points — or simply doesn’t drop too much — and suddenly it’s a foregone conclusion that the economy is springing back to health. But no matter how many “Get Well” cards we send to wish it a “speedy recovery,” it’s going to take time. Sure, there’s a recovery in progress. It just happens to be in a hospital bed and the government is wheeling it down the hall. If the economy tried to stand up on its own, its knees would buckle and it would end up as nothing more than a crumpled mess on the floor. But, maybe that’s what has to happen before a true recovery can begin in earnest. Is the market headed down? Find out how you can profit from falling stocks with a fraction of the risk that comes with ‘shorting’ shares >>

Your Financial Recovery Can Start as Soon as Today

Your portfolio might seem like it’s strapped to a gurney as well. But with retirement closing in, bills to pay, vacations to take and financial peace of mind to achieve still high upon your to-do list, you don’t have time to wait. Whether the market’s going up, down or not heading anywhere at all, there are options strategies to take advantage of each condition. And if you’re starting out with a small amount of capital — you can make any size portfolio perform like a bigger one! Find out how easy it is to simulate a full stock position for just pennies on the dollar with options.